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Comment: Re:Three cheers for Mozilla (Score -1, Flamebait) 114

by OpenDoors (#41419831) Attached to: Mozilla OS Looking Grown Up On Its Own Developer Phone

Firefox has been great, and the idea of a phone OS built by a non-profit whose only agenda revolves around standards, privacy, user control, openness and general sanity will be a refreshing change from the likes of Apple, Google, and Microsoft.

Since when Mozilla has been non-profit? They are fully for-profit company. Just because they open source their products and generate revenue via Google instead doesn't make them non-profit.

You are the literally the product they're selling to Google and other search engines.

Comment: Browser Based OS (Score 4, Insightful) 114

by OpenDoors (#41419823) Attached to: Mozilla OS Looking Grown Up On Its Own Developer Phone
I really doubt that this is good direction. It's the greatest lock-down of all time. Every web-app (Google Docs etc) is behind the greatest DRM of all time, just like Blizzards Diablo 3.

The only reason this haven't ben discussed on Slashdot before is because it's been Google that has been developing fully browser based OS, and Google fanboys have de-routed every intelligent discussion about the merits of Chrome/Firefox OS.

Sorry, but in my opinion we must stop this development here and keep our native open and closed source apps. You can't even disassemble browser apps, all you have is the front-end. At least with Windows and MS apps I know they are going to stay around and work when I need them.

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