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Comment: Re:God vs. ...that. (Score 1) 277

by OneSeventeen (#22995576) Attached to: Meteorites May Have Delivered Seeds of Life On Earth
interesting viewpoint, but many Creationists may simply be people who subscribe to both the scientific theories of intelligent design and also have religious beliefs. Remember, there are non-religious scientists with physical evidence that points towards intelligent design.

The "open minded" scientific community seems to be very closed to hearing out these non-religious scientists.

Oh, and thanks for judging a large community of individuals having only listened mildly to the religious extreemists that refuse to accept scientific challenges. Then again, many people still believe Christians are told to accept what their pastors say in the pulpit, when most actually challenge the congregation to do research themselves and learn for themselves.
Sorry if some of us aren't willing to swallow everything our professors tell us without exploring more than just one viewpoint.

Evolution is a good theory. It is fine if this is your favorite theory.
It is also fine if I subscribe to a different theory. (that's how we keep from growing stagnant and accept things just because that's what we've always been told. )

This is not a flame against evolutionists. Just against anyone who so religiously defends their beliefs in a theory that they immediately bash anyone who believes something different. (you can try to convince me, but don't bash me.)

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