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Comment Re:Wine for Windows? (Score 1) 189 189

As good at Google generally is at search, it's surprising that it's so hard to filter through the crap in the Play store. If I'm looking for a specific app, I have to use the main Google search page with "site:play.google.com." The inability to sort through the crap within the Play storefront is just baffling, considering that's basically Google's core advantage; and it really degrades what is otherwise an excellent service.

Comment Can you separate BPA from sugar (Score 1) 388 388

If much of the BPA in humans is coming from soft drink bottles, and soft drinks account for the excess sugar and most of the HFCS specifically, is it even possible to be sure which of those is the problem, even if you establish for certain that soft drinks are the problem?

Comment Wikipedia is a drama factory (Score 2) 154 154

Differing sets of conflicting rules, senior editors making their own personal information kingdoms, colliding and sometimes colluding with people who think they're editing UrbanDictionary.

I only edit anonymously, and I do not talk to any other editors.

Comment Your local library (Score 2) 263 263

Friends of the Library. Your local library probably has one. You might become active with them if you want to promote technology access for those without...your local library is probably the only internet access for a substantial portion of the people who use it.

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