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Comment: Re:Stupidity is contagious (Score 2) 279

by Omicron32 (#46251545) Attached to: Ubuntu To Switch To systemd
> I have yet to figure out how to even create a service with systemd or how I figure out what I'm depending on.

man systemd.profile

> Let's take my *THREE HOUR* debugging session on systemd yesterday. [...] It would've been [simple] with SysV init because the errors during the mount would've been spewed to the console and I would've seen them.

30 seconds of Googling.

Not really sure what the problem is here other than your ignorance.

Comment: Re:Good...? (Score 2) 279

by Omicron32 (#46251131) Attached to: Ubuntu To Switch To systemd
> System admins hate systemD as it does not follow the Unix philosophy of text files and now awk, sed, grep, or perl to batch jobs :-( Firstly, it's systemd. I'm not sure where you're getting the capital from. Secondly, generalise much? I'm a long-time Linux system admin and I can't wait until systemd filters down to server distros like CentOS and Ubuntu LTS. It will make my job a whole lot easier.

Comment: Re:Settlers 7 (Score 1) 279

by Omicron32 (#31720298) Attached to: Ubisoft DRM Causing More Problems
Work on a server emulator is coming along very well apparently. I wouldn't be surprised to see it - and every other game using this type of DRM - 'cracked' in less than a month. It won't work for future releases. Regardless, I'm adding my voice here as another person who will neither be buying or pirating Ubisoft games. I won't pay for a defective game.

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