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This is what we do:  *Thursday December 18, 2008 @01:31PM  2, Informative
   attached to What Restrictions Should Student Laptops Have?
Gentoo  *Monday September 01, 2008 @04:16AM  1
   attached to Typical Home Bandwidth Usage?
Aliens  *Saturday July 26, 2008 @10:22AM  0, Troll
   attached to NASA Opens Space Image Library
You can do this at home!  *Friday September 07, 2007 @05:36AM  2, Informative
   attached to Realtime ASCII Goggles
Be Careful of Stereotypes  *Sunday September 02, 2007 @08:03AM 1 2, Insightful
   attached to Why Are So Many Nerds Libertarians?
Customize the Bootscript, Trim the Fat  *Saturday March 24, 2007 @12:48PM 4 5, Interesting
   attached to How To Speed Up Linux Booting
How good is a brain of Texas?  *Tuesday March 13, 2007 @05:23PM  1
   attached to Dell Opens a Poll On Linux Options
Re:Coursework isnt the point of college  *Wednesday January 10, 2007 @08:33PM  1
   attached to MIT's OpenCourseWare Program
Re: Change niceness  *Sunday October 15, 2006 @06:27AM  1
   attached to Linux Kernel Goes Real-Time
Re:OK...  *Saturday September 09, 2006 @05:49PM  1
   attached to Business 2.0 Says 'Boycott Vista'
Python with Pygame  *Sunday August 27, 2006 @06:41AM  1
   attached to Teaching Primary School Students Programming?
Re:Seriously?  *Sunday July 23, 2006 @08:47PM 1 1
   attached to Flaw Finders Lay Seige to Microsoft Office
Need a boat  *Monday June 19, 2006 @12:39PM 2 1
   attached to Earth Sandwich
Not a MS only problem..  *Friday March 24, 2006 @05:53AM  1
   attached to Office Delayed, Too
Re:yes, you can command line photoshop  *Monday March 13, 2006 @06:21PM  1
   attached to The Definitive Guide to ImageMagick
Open Source Software: Opportunities and Challenges  *Saturday March 04, 2006 @03:39PM 1 5, Informative
   attached to US Government Studies Open Source Quality
Four Years and Going Strong!  *Tuesday February 28, 2006 @04:39PM  1
   attached to Linux vs. Windows for Schools?

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