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Comment: Re:the idea behind the movie is dumb (Score 1) 366

According to the 'Revolution' series on the History channel, both sides were guilty of terrorizing the civilian population. Admittedly, I haven't read an extensive history book on just the American Revolution. One particular story comes to mind where the British killed a bunch of people by burning them in a church. That particular incident was shown in 'The Patriot', but wasn't entirely accurate (typical of Hollywood) according to a historian that I talked to. The rebels/patriots also terrorized the 'Torries' for giving aid to the British. I don't remember a particular incident, except that it got pretty nasty both ways.

Comment: HTML 5 number still experimental (Score 2) 365

according to Wikipedia they added the input type "range". Sadly, the input type "number" is still listed as experimental, and no support for the date/time input types. Since Firefox 22 added a couple of different element types, I was hoping that the "number" type would be supported, and have at least 'experimental' support fo the date/time formats.

Comment: remote control isn't as hard as autonomous (Score 1) 91

by OlRickDawson (#44440801) Attached to: Full-Size Remote Control Cars
DARPA's grand challenge had the cars unmanned. Totally autonomous, no human control, no one in the vehicle. Remote control of them would be easier than that. DARPA's goal at the time was to have supply trucks for the US Army to move around with like drones, so they wouldn't risk soldiers to IEDs.

Comment: Re:$75 Million huh? (Score 2) 135

by OlRickDawson (#43341705) Attached to: NASA Gets $75 Million For Europa Mission
The last version that I read about had them melting through the ice, instead of drilling. The probe would be hot enough to melt its way down, and leave just a wire for communications back to the surface, probably using a super hot radioactive component. It would be much lighter and easier to get there, if only they could get approval to make such a device.

Comment: Re:How does the insurance industry feel about this (Score 1) 131

by OlRickDawson (#43304909) Attached to: A German Parking Garage Parks Your Car For You
How would this result in less cars? People are going to still want their own, for convenience. The shared model may work for some, but that will be made up for by rich parents buying self-driving cars for their small children. Imagine not having to drive your kid to soccer practice, but have a car do it for you... Since there is no need for drivers licenses for those cars, there will be a lot of cars sold for children's use, which will more than make up for those that are using the shared cars.

... though his invention worked superbly -- his theory was a crock of sewage from beginning to end. -- Vernor Vinge, "The Peace War"