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Comment Re:O RLY? (Score 1) 304

So they know for a fact that there is enough water there to send ships to Mars, as well as support the needed infrastructure?

I assume this means enough for More than one or two missions, or is NASA still in Apollo -do it and ditch it - mode?

That message is a troll? Dis place be gotten a liddle weeeeeerd sometimes..

Comment Re:Controversial? (Score 1) 124

>Your reply is nice, but I'm trying hard to parse it, because it doesn't make sense to me.

Genetic flaws happen, they occur to a rare few individuals, who rarely procreate, and they have limited impact on the species as whole.

We aren't eve talking about the same thing - But you are still wrong.

Perfection rapidly becomes dominant, and then prevents the forces of competition from keeping population growth in check - result the entire species goes extinct.

ANd here is why you are wrong. There is no such thing as perfection. If you look at the vagus nerve for example, in humans and mammals it is a mess. It was adapted from a gill structure, and does loops and turns in teh body to get to the throat. It's one of the many defects we have.

Survial is the metric, not perfection. Your ideas read like a strange cross between creationism and Darwinism.

Comment Re:O RLY? (Score 1) 304

There's not any realistic budgeting scenario where it's even remotely cheaper, all capital costs included, to get your water from the moon in the remotely near future than to just launch it from the earth on existing rockets. But, if your goal is to advance the tech of reusable rockets, space mining, in-situ propellant production, etc, then by all means go ahead. Just don't pretend like you're doing it as a "cost saving measure" for a Mars mission.

This! Ive been accused of naysaying regarding the Spacex landings on a barge.

I think it is a similar issue. If teh main purpose is to do barge landing, and enough resources are applied, yep, it's possible.

Likewise, setting up a moonbase to mine water to produce fuel is probably a 50+ year project in and of itself, and no assured success. It's an entire program, and back of the envelope math tells me that it will treble or quadruple the costs.

It would be cool, but is the most expensive option of the two.

Comment Re: Controversial? (Score 1) 124

Sharks are perfect predators and are not in danger of going extinct. They have been around for 450 Million years.

This reminds me of anti GMO freaks, anti vaxxers and global warming deniers.

Probably is, one of those short sighted people who believe that early humans were perfect, and all we've done since is mess ourselves up.

A New Yorker cartoon says it best. http://www.damnedheretics.com/...

Two cavemen sitting across from each other, and one says : "Something's just not right - our air is clean, our water is pure, we all get plenty of exercise, everything we eat is organic and free-range, and yet nobody lives past 30."

Comment Re:Controversial? (Score 1) 124

Perfection is more guaranteed extinction than any flaw could be.

Your reply is nice, but I'm trying hard to parse it, because it doesn't make sense to me.

So what you are saying is that if we tweak the calcium phosphate in humans to be a little more durable, humanity will go extinct?

So tell me, let's say you have a genetic flaw like Huntingdon's You fear that gentic manipulation to avoid all of the fun you'll be going through as it kills you is bad? If not, what sort of genetic modification do you have in mind that will force extinction on humans?

Comment Re:Controversial? (Score 1) 124

>Wow - that escalated quickly. I'd like bones that would resist osteoarthritis, and tendons/ligaments that would be stronger, ad you're going on a planet of the Apes scenario.

Eat properly and move your body more than scratching your ass.

Actually, I've had a long life of extreme amounts of activity. I wore myself out doing all the "Right things". I'd still be doing them if I could.

May you live to be 120 years old, and enjoy my bodilty pain every day of your life.

Comment Re:This Is The Right Question/Answer (Score 2) 124

Birds are usually only non-threatening to us because they're small. But if they were huge, they'd be like monsters.

Along those lines, here's an interesting NatGeo article.


Put feathers on most dinosaurs, and suddenly they look kinda pretty.I'm certain the artist took some liberty with the colors, but that's an intriguing painting.

Comment Re:Controversial? (Score 2, Interesting) 124

How is the creation of a slave caste not only a big problem, but something you should always put a lot of consideration into before embarking on?

Wow - that escalated quickly. I'd like bones that would resist osteoarthritis, and tendons/ligaments that would be stronger, ad you're going on a planet of the Apes scenario.

Also, while there exists areas like running where one genetic group dominates, none of them dominate in more than one area. Kenian's still have an average IQ of 90 or something like that.

For crying out loud - don't go there. Because You can't tell a thing about a person's IQ just by telling us what genetic background he or she has. I don't care if the average IQ is 150, it still doesn't predict.

And fortunate or not, society is so far away from a meritocracy that we simply do not see the pooling of genetic excellence and failures into distinct groups.

Wait - your sentence parses like a eugenicist. I had to g oback and re-read your other post I replied to as well.

You have fallen for the bell curve syndrome, where for some not quite sane reason, we have to determine an individual's worth based on his ethnicity.

That makes as much sense as deciding that because I make X number of dollars a year, all the members of my family also makes that much money per year. Even in genetics - you can't tell. My family has a generally high IQ But my mother and one sister were normal IQ. So you couldn't tell their IQ from the others in the family, without meeting them and those of us with the higher IQ's did not function any better, nor they any worse. We were all just a family with no slaves at all. Wrath of Kahn was a movie, not how people with some improved functions are going to act.

Comment Re:Controversial? (Score 1) 124

Would you want to come in second place to a GM human? Once we start messing with humans, creating artificiality better humans and regular old normal humans, One group will need to oppress the other. Either Super humans will be banned from all Competition with regular humans, or regular Humans will naturally lose all competitions.

I'd love to be a GM human. All those years of playing Ice Hockey have taken their toll. The problem is that if I had to do it all over again, I would do the same thing.

Evolution is far far from perfect. Nothing wrong with tighening up a few parameters here and there.

Comment Re:This Is The Right Question/Answer (Score 1) 124

Meh, I've got a small descendant of a coelurosaurian theropod standing next to me - he's not so tough.

(Actually, I take that back - an elephant-sized predatory variant of him would be terrifying)

Then again, Ostriches might look goofy, but you do not want to get kicked by one.

Complately aside, but I was once bit by an emu.

Submission + - FTDI Breaks counterfeit Chips Via Windows Update (techrepublic.com)

Ol Olsoc writes: For the second time, Scottish design firm has used Windows update to push a malicious driver that IDs counterfeit chips modeled after FTDI's design, and renders them inoperable. That device you bough that you assumed had a genuine driver and has been working for year, might suddenly tell you "NON GENUINE DEVICE FOUND!" .

The USB to RS232 converters see continuing use in industrial control equipment and many communications radios, which might be an injury potential if a device suddenly stops working after an unavoidable Windows update.

Comment A Trend? (Score 1) 215

As Marisa Mayer tries to emulate Carly Fiorina, looks like the path to success, is to take over a company, and gut it.

But fear not good citizens, Mayer will probably get a severance package equal to the salaries of the people she fired.

I mean, there has to be justice for the woman, right?

Comment Re:Hard to Believe (Score 2) 215

Well, the basic problem is that there is too much advertising - far too much. When you reach a certain degree of saturation, it no longer makes any difference - people just ignore it,

And how! Yahoo bears some measure of responsibility for adblockers escaping from geekworld into the general public.

Now, we would think that Yahoo is some sort of desert, with no one left, no one going there.

But the dirty little secret is that based on page hits, the three most visited places on the internet are Google, Facebook, and Yahoo. So there is apparently some service there.

I can just see the Slashdotters being more embarrassed about getting caught looking at Yahoo, than caught watching shemale midget scat porn.

So what gives? Well Yahoo has a great sports section. Some good sports writers to populate pages as well, plus good aggregation. And thanks to the state of New York, a lot of the online Gambling popups have gone away. Food section is okay, and even the financial section can have interesting stuff as long as you realize that most financial experts don't understand the actuarial tables, and seem to think that if you wait until 70 to start withdrawing Social Security you'll make more money from it.

Now the bad, as you note, the freaking advertising. I've occasionally had to turn off adblocker and noscript and forgotten to turn it back on. Yahoo is what I consider unusable without.

And even Grandma is leaning that way now, as I have installed adblock plus on a lot of machines brought to me because they "are too slow" Grandma is happy because her machine is now surfing much faster, and guess what - the Grandma network is fast, and covers a lot of ground.

And it's word of mouth. "That nice young man with the weird name installed this wonderful program on my computer, and it's just a miracle!" Good word of mouth for Adblocking, and bad word of mouth for the entire paradigm of Internet advertising.

Another bad thing is Yahoo's insisting on ramming Kim Kardashian down our gullets. Keep that PoS confined to the Entertainment pages.

I don't know of anybody who actually wants to see adverts.

I think that the Internet at one point had a home run on advertising. A web page that loaded with a few ads on it had a hidden quality of not having a "commercial break" aspect, like on television, where when the commercial came on, you'd go take a whiz, or grab a beer or soda, and come back to the program.

Here on that webpage, a nice little ad that just sat there was a powerful tool. Because you are probably going to look at it at some point.

But next we get blinkys, we get monkey punching, then we get scripting, multiple trackers, Eventually we get all this and malware that hijacks the browser.

Finally, most of the content, most of the bandwidth of websites like Yahoo (and many others) is the advertising and the tracking

So, with this being the case, it seems obvious that companies whose only way to generate revenue is advertising, will get into trouble, sooner or later.

Exactly, and the moment has already arrived. Yahoo is the canary in the coal mine for what the advertising driven internet has done to itself.

As I've already noted, if we are somehow forced to use the internet in the way advertisers demand, I'll simply stop using it except at great need.

Comment My Thoughts (Score 1) 1818

First off, despite what some may think, Slashdot is a pretty good site. As the rest of the internet trends toward intellectuzlly challenged people, we can still get a good discussion going among intelligent people. The moderation system is good even if it has some faults.

I would suggest that for anyone modding another as troll be charged 3 moderation points if the person they are moderating as troll is not an AC. Too many people have been moderating simple disagreement as trolling.

Avoid clickbait. It's really easy to get clicks when you have: Gun control or not gun control.

Third wave sex negative feminism.

There are a few other clickbait issues, but in general the clickbait stuff works to turn to sites into Yahoo.

The mobile site is horrible. I don't bother to visit unless I am at a desktop. So even though I note that, I don't have much advice o that matter.

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