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by Ol Olsoc (#47958749) Attached to: NY Magistrate: Legal Papers Can Be Served Via Facebook

No, but in England and Wales, “You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in Court.”

In other words, you do not have the right to not say anything.

Alice in Wonderland and the Jabberwocky might have been documentaries after all.

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by Ol Olsoc (#47958511) Attached to: Is Google's Non-Tax Based Public School Funding Cause For Celebration?

Yes, it is cause for celebration.

It is also cause for celebration because Google will make better decisions about resource allocation than the education bureaucracy. The bureaucrats tend to spend most additional money on increasing administrative staff.

And all will be puppydogs and unicorns until Google changes CEO's or has a bad year.

Some times we can take the free market is pure and benevolent vs the evil stupid government thing to a stupid end.. This is one of those times

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by Ol Olsoc (#47954561) Attached to: Microsoft Kills Off Its Trustworthy Computing Group

I want MIcrosoft to stop making awful Operating systems. We know they can do it, because XP was excellent, W7 almost as good. (...) I want Microsoft to change their "We know what's best for you dammit!" attitude, and ignore feedback. Both Vista and W8 had people begging them not to go there.

Maybe there's a hint there? Conservative, experimental, conservative, experimental... As long as people keep arguing if the old or new version of Windows is better, I don't think Microsoft worries. You are free to skip a version you know.

After W8, I stopped using Windows altogether. I am also free to not use them.

And yes, it is obviously, completely clear-no doubt about-it that Microsoft does not care one bit about their customers.

Even respectful input is dismissed. A complaint is a gift. Micrsoft has adopted the concept:

"If we ignore the customer long enough, mayb he'll stop bugging us."

And you seem to agree with them that it is a good practice. I quit bugging them, they have achieved their goal fo rme at least.

As for conservative/experimental, it's sort of funny. I'm having a blast with experimenting with differnt distros of Linux. If I don't like the interface, I've got lots of other options. And for my video work, I have my OSX. I'm having alsomes as much fun as my early computing days.

Do a s/MSFT/Linux/g and there's plenty OSS apologists too.

I would completely agree.

Particularly because you got one team saying "Linux is so free and great, it's totally ready for the desktop and you should try it out" but when you have a problem the other team says "Yeah well you got it for free, so STFU and be grateful".

Oh yeah. Everyone has their fanbois. I must say though, I am the biggest asshole in dealing with Windows - mostly because I don't to the party line. And that's from experience using the big three. I make stupid mistakes that no one - no one would ever make in Windows. Move to Linux or OSX, and I don't make those mistakes. (should be a sarcasm tage here)

I'm on Windows 7 now and I'm guessing sometime soon Microsoft needs to release another "classic" desktop for conservative enterprises so they can plan their migration before the 2020 EoL. Having Linux around as a plan B is nice but for gaming Windows rules supreme, regardless of whether Linux has a Steam client or not.

So much depends on what you are doing. When I do any gaming, which isn't all that often, but when I do, it's something like WoW or Diablo III, so I'm not constrained, I just play on my Mac. But surely, if you wnat games that are only on Microsoft OS', that's what you hav eto have. Unfortunately, the amount of crap you'll put up with is the amount Microsoft will make you put up with. Me, I've moved on. Apparently Microsoft thinks that is great. Which is the biggest reason I don't use them any more.

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by Ol Olsoc (#47951171) Attached to: Microsoft Kills Off Its Trustworthy Computing Group

Oh sure, a lot of people on /. would like to see MS crater; but be careful what you wish for. Do you really want AAPL to be the A no. 1 tech company for EVERYTHING, including your workstation?

I bash Microsoft here as much as anyone else - but No, I don't want Microsoft to go away.

I want MIcrosoft to stop making awful Operating systems. We know they can do it, because XP was excellent, W7 almost as good.

I want Microsoft to not have Updates bitch up computers.

I want Microsoft to change their "We know what's best for you dammit!" attitude, and ignore feedback. Both Vista and W8 had people begging them not to go there.

If you've read enough of Slashdot, you'll have noticed that every complaint about MSFT is attacked by "energetic fans" shouting that the complaint is invalid, that the person complaining is an idiot. How long is that supposed to work?

After moving to Unix-like OS' I apparenly stopped being an idiot, because I have none of the same problems I had on any Microsoft OS - and that includes XP, which I liked. Like I said, eventually people will get tired of that crap.

What I would like to see is a vibrant Microsoft, one that understands the customer, and the market. Why, that might even entice me to buy another computer with their Operating system on it.

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by Ol Olsoc (#47935917) Attached to: NASA Inspector General Lobs Big Rocks At Agency's Asteroid Hunting Program
What is more, they must already know all of the asteroids out there. They have to.

Otherwise, how would they know when they get to cataloging 90 percent of them You can't catalog 90 percent of a group unless you know what 100 percent of that group is. Because then............... oh hell, you get my point.

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by Ol Olsoc (#47935859) Attached to: Scientists Twist Radio Beams To Send Data At 32 Gigabits Per Second
Seems like once or twice a year, People discover phase encoding. Promises of narrow bandwidth and high transmission rate are so tempting.

And just to really get people excited, you can give the signal another "twist", and another, and another - "HEY! It looks like we can achieve infinite bandwidth!!"

Along with using infinite spectrum and requiring infinite power

This really isn't anything all that new. Hams have been using phase change modes for around 15 years now. Some of these modes, like PSK-31, allow worldwide communications using tiny amounts of power.

But see that "31"? That's the baud rate. It was chosen because that is about the rate that a decent typist can type. Mighty slow.

But it's all scalable, There are much higher rates available. But they all have a price of bandwidth, and the signal needs to be all that much better. Read that as higher transmitting power. There are a few really clever modes, like "MultiPSK, which achieve a higher transmission rate by multiple 2 phase transmissions. They require less power to transmit, but take up some more bandwidth, and the software is more complex because all the separate signals have to be recombined.

The biggest ability of these "OhmaGawd" super transmission systems we hear about a few times a year is to attract dollars for more research.

Final? The system can work as long as they don't try to stuff too much into it. But I doubt in the present day form. Think a big increase in the number of cell towers, an overhaul of wi-fi devices. Note: I haven't seen the bandwidth needed, so am not certain, but this might mean less available channels for wifi devices.

No free lunch here kids.

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by Ol Olsoc (#47933441) Attached to: How Flickr Is Courting the Next Generation of Photographers
So a smartphone is somehow less expensive than a 110 camera?

And like it or not, they are complete utter shit compared to real equipment.

And while a good photographer can make decent photos with a smartphone if they work within their limitations, "Photographers" is a very generous term for what most people are capable of doing.

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by Ol Olsoc (#47926599) Attached to: NASA's Manned Rocket Contract: $4.2 Billion To Boeing, $2.6 Billion To SpaceX

Well, you have a plan? Because right now, taking over the bad countries and making them good countries that don't starve their citizens doesn't seem to work.

And never will. This is because humans are mean nasty evil motherfuckers who love to kill or starve each other. As we are about to learn again in Iraq, if we want anything resembling out own governance, we will have to be in a never ending war state in the middle east.

Because the second we pull out, they'll start lopping each others heads off again. And a sizable subset will work to make sure we're involved again, because in a region of the world fueled by hate, you want as many people to hate as possible. And a powerful invading army makes a great hate target for them.

Feed the poor? In many areas of the world, they want to exterminate them.

I suppose we could create a dependent, exponentially growing dependent class of people who need our continued munificence to survive. But last I checked our resources weren't similarly exponentially growing over the rest of eternity.

That would be Iraq, or Israel.

This is not anti-either in the middle east. It's just that the whole area is hell bent on each other's destruction, and will not change, no matter how much money we throw at it. Quite similar to the conditions that fuel poverty.

Humans like to kill each other, humans like to starve each other.

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by Ol Olsoc (#47926331) Attached to: NASA's Manned Rocket Contract: $4.2 Billion To Boeing, $2.6 Billion To SpaceX

For ever argument you can throw at NASA being a waste of money, I can counter that argument with a reason why NASA improves life.

But the "Feed the poor!" doesn't (shouldn't) even enter into that conversation.

Because it won't happen. Curing world poverty will not happen.

Curing world poverty is a liberal version of "the free market" or "trickle down economics". Ideas that simply don't work.

We could eliminate every science and technical program in the entire world, and put all of the money "saved" into feeding the poor. We would just end up with more poor that need fed. And stagnant technology.

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