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Comment: Re:A first step (Score 1) 190

by Ol Olsoc (#49550911) Attached to: Tesla To Announce Battery-Based Energy Storage For Homes
Did you know that solar panels and batteries all self destruct the second they go out of warranty? Seriously, it's how God shows that the Koch Brothers are his chosen people.

Sorry for the sarcasm, but I've heard this stuff before, Some years ago, I replaced my oil furnace and re-insulated my house. I had a good oil furnace, and replaced it with one of the 99+ percent gas furnaces. Pretty cool, they extract so much heat from the gas that the "chimney' is a piece of PVC pipe. The house was already insulated well, but I put some more in the attic.

Today? Well, that payback is interesting stuff there. The folks who took your argument failed to see how the price of oil would skyrocket, (and after a lull, its heading right back up there) Many of these smart folk are paying per month, what I pay for the entire heating season. Plus they are keeping their houses rather colder.

In addition, the house is warmer, with much less dust and grime accumulation, since oil heat is friggin' filthy, and the furnace doesn't use half the electricity for the igniter and blowers, which means I don't need as large an emergency generator to keep warm, although in my case, it frees up power for other uses, since I already have it.

Warmer, cleaner, cheaper, and using real life costs rather than assuming everything will stay the same, I improved our quality of life, as well as turned the "payback" into a couple years. The other parts were worth it by themselves, even disregarding the money involved.

Comment: Re:and...the problem with satire (Score -1, Offtopic) 190

by Ol Olsoc (#49550823) Attached to: Tesla To Announce Battery-Based Energy Storage For Homes

Bruce Jenner is more famous for cutting his dick off than for being the Wheaties man.

Like I told me wife, if you are going to be transgender, shouldn't you at least look like this (Janet Mock):

and not this?:

The late great Benny Hill said it best in regards to Bruce:

"Everyone has the right to be ugly, but s/he abuses the privilege."

Comment: Re:Done in movies... (Score 1) 189

by Ol Olsoc (#49549481) Attached to: Allegation: Philly Cops Leaned Suspect Over Balcony To Obtain Password

Actually, Genesis would be a good start.

That's for sure. THAT sumbitch told Abraham to kill his kid and then at the last second went, "PSYCH!"

And that Lot! Gets it on with his daughters, has some kids with them, and his wife was conveniently nuked beforehand to enable him to bump uglies wit 'em. What a character!

Comment: Re:Managability (Score 1) 450

by Ol Olsoc (#49549451) Attached to: Ubuntu 15.04 Released, First Version To Feature systemd

Thanks to systemd, every time I get a kernel update, I can look forwards to spending 4 hours trying to get the box to boot again.

Suck to be you man - you are definitely doing something wrong, and blaming it on Ubuntu.

I've never ever had a Linux machine fail to reboot after an update. And I've been running systemd since it came out because I needed pulse audio, which despite some early problems, is now rather nice for my needs.

Comment: Re: SystemD added? (Score 1) 450

by Ol Olsoc (#49549417) Attached to: Ubuntu 15.04 Released, First Version To Feature systemd

Danger: systemd marketing droid detected..only line of worth in the twaddle spouted is ;

Systemd haters are becoming computing's version of the Mesothelioma lawsuit commercials on TV, and seriously, you need to get back to getting those fucking kids off your lawn. Or maybe bitching about them taking lead out of gasoline.

Don't like it? Don't use it. If you do not understand that by now, why would anyone pay attention to your stupid rants about it? Go to distrowatch, find a systemd version that is acceptable, visit the associated site, download and install a Linux version you like, there are over 200 distros there, or if you are really concerned that nothing bad gets on your computer, roll your own Linux distro. If you actually know Linux, it's not hard.

Comment: Re:This never works (Score 1) 259

by Ol Olsoc (#49549203) Attached to: Microsoft, Chip Makers Working On Hardware DRM For Windows 10 PCs

Under normal living-room conditions, you need a side-by-size comparison to tell 720p from 1080p. Anything more is just a gimmick.

Your doctor called - You're booked for next Tuesday for your Cataract Surgery.

Seriously though, Mt better half used to have the same opinion you do, and yes, on her next visit to th optometrist, they told her she'd be having cataract surgery soon. Now? She very well knows the difference between the formats. As in "Oh wow" 480 to 720p, an "Geeze wow" 720p to1080p.

There are more bullshit myths about HDTV ever since the days when the get off my lawn crowd were telling us that you couldn't see the difference between HDTV and NTSC.

Comment: Re:This is not good... (Score 1) 253

by Ol Olsoc (#49542131) Attached to: Wellness App Author Lied About Cancer Diagnosis

You're right, beyond getting enough vegetables (and some fruits) for a healthy gut, enough micronutrients, and antioxidants you can eat pretty much any way you want, so long as you get a decent macronutrient balance.

Yes indeed - and glad you supplied that caveat. A good balance of Fruits, veggies and protein (AKA meat) is what makes for a healty diet. Venture too far in one direction or another, and you are likely to develop problems.

I know really, massively healthy men that can pick up over 500 pounds that use calorie bombs at McDonalds to replenish carbs (trust me, it's hard to eat your cals when you need 4500 or more, these are athletes remember).

I remember the days when I played 3-4 Ice hockey games a week. I could eat whatever I liked. Scaling back, and the calorie needs collapse. Sad to say, the appetite does not always follow.

Comment: Re:This is not good... (Score 1) 253

by Ol Olsoc (#49541945) Attached to: Wellness App Author Lied About Cancer Diagnosis

Eat all the healthy foods you like, it won't do jack for cancers caused by other factors like smoking, drinking, overtanning, etc... And.


Seriously, today, we see some 105 year old celebrating a birthday, and we think that if only we do everything right, we will live to be at least that old.

Or exercise, or whatever. Somehow, some way, all we have to do is hit on the right combination, and it's "sorry death, you lose."

When in fact its all just wishful thinking. No matter what you do, what you eat, no one gets out of here alive. And genetics has a huge amount more relevance to your lifespan than any organic or vegan delights you pass down your alimentary canal.

And if we do manage to stave off death for a few years, mother nature has other surprises for us - like dementia. Personally, I would trade off 15 years of life to avoid that fate.

And grifters like that woman just prey on the poor suckers.

Comment: Re:No, This Is Important for People to See (Score 1) 253

by Ol Olsoc (#49539155) Attached to: Wellness App Author Lied About Cancer Diagnosis

The bar has been set low by respectable pharma companies selling herbal crap that they know does not work. People want snake oil they would say, so there's no harm in giving them snake oil.

Problem is, a fair amount of that "herbal crap" does actually work. Even some things called holistic actuall work - although it is stuff that isn't actually holistic.

Take Arnica Montana for instance. It's called "Holistic" but it's actually a rather concentrated medicine that is made by soaking the flowers in alcohol for a week or so, and the results do indeed act as a pain reliever. Monkshood is a rather powerful analgesic which was used until safer alternatives were derived. It's problem is that the theraputic dose isn't all that far from a toxic dose. St Johns wort, and Valerian root are also effective.

There is a whole list of herbal drugs - and sometimes the mainstream pharmiceuticals are based on them. Now that being said, there are some that are ineffective, and a few frauds that have become incorporated into the herbal pharmacy. But that doesn't change the fact that there are effective drugs that are not made by "big Pharma"

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