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Comment: How does this compare to Switzerland? (Score 1) 1040

by Ogre332 (#47155311) Attached to: Seattle Approves $15 Per Hour Minimum Wage
Interestingly enough, the Swiss voted against creating a ~$25 (Ã18) minimum wage. Their reasoning? It's not enough. From the article:

While there is no formal minimum wage, median income in Switzerland is $37 an hour and 90 percent of Swiss make more than the proposed minimum wage. Switzerland has a 3.2 percent unemployment rate, the second lowest in Europe behind Liechtenstein.

Seems like we could learn something.

Comment: Re:Can someone explain (Score 1) 418

Is a green Private an official representative of the US Army? Is the guy working the cash register an official representative of McDonalds? Just because someone is a representative of an organization does not mean that individual is in a position to make policy decisions for said organization. The customer service rep in this case was wrong and should be corrected and (if required) disciplined, but to report it as news/fact without first seeking official comment from the appropriate individuals is irresponsible.

+ - Contacting Slashdot with a Question

Submitted by IsoQuantic
IsoQuantic (17626) writes "The daily email summary from Slashdot comes with short blurbs of the entries. The entries themselves are hyperlinked. That said, the hyperlinks take me directly to the web site. Why not have these hyperlinks directed to the short blurbs in the email content itself so I do not have to leave my email just to see the context of the story?"

Comment: Make them into Faraday Cages? (Score 1) 924

by Ogre332 (#44149791) Attached to: The Average Movie Theater Has Hundreds of Screens
Prevent the phone from transmitting and receiving signals inside the theater and put a disclaimer on the ticket. Anyone who doesn't like it is free to not buy a ticket. If you feel such a great need to send or recieve calls or texts, you simply need to step outside to the concession area to do so.

Comment: Re:Wow, only $7.25? (Score 2) 1106

by Ogre332 (#43002371) Attached to: The U.S. minimum wage should be
Actually, if you are a tipped worker in the US, your employer can pay you less than minimum wage. Many waiters, bartenders and the like are paid around $4.00 an hour (at least thats what it was the last time I talked to a bartender friend) with the expectation being that you will make more than enough in tips to compensate for the difference.

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