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Comment Re:Politicians we elected? You must be new here. (Score 1) 168

But, your point is valid I wonder how they got in charge in the first place, since I sure as hell didn't vote for them. What I think is even stranger, is how this goes against human rights, .. from what I understand is this is like observing innocent people before they commit a crime, .. I mean aren't you a criminal unless they prove you are, and isn't a government supposed to have a cause before they check on it's people, I mean they don't even want to share the treaty I mean wtf. Who are these people that they think they have the right to not share the law with us, if my rights are changing I'd sure like to know. To me this feels like entrapment, and what do they got to hide if they don't want to share it. What is so bad in there that they don't want to share it.

We are moving more and more towards china ten china is moving to an open system where there is freedom and such.

Comment Re:Retaliatory action? (Score 1) 422

Whatever there going to do, .. what this means is you don't get a trail, you have no human rights, and you could be held indefinitely just for theft, or at least when they think you stole something, cause last time I checked they don't even need proof, they just need to suspect you. It wasn't bad enough they let suspected terrorists go through this, .. I mean if you're accused of murder or mass murder you'd expect at least they got some proof, .. or at least that you get some sort of trail. Whatever they mean by it is bad.

Comment Re:OTOH... (Score 1) 229

indeed it is, .. the fukushima plant who came into trouble was 1-4 which where build from '67-'78 and in 2011 they had issues, .. to me it doesn't matter what the cause was, what matters is that they emitted radiation and had a melt down, .. whatever the reason if they can't prevent that don't build them. Which means 30 years would be a safe, 25 would seem more reasonable, .. no matter what they cost if they can't work with those time frames then it is probably not worth it and they should look for alternatives, .. after 25 years they should be reviewed, .. ofcourse they need to be reviewed every year, .. however it's a good step that they say they need to prove it is safe and not just assume they are safe, everything degrades with time.

Comment Re:Advice (Score 1) 643

Also car seatbelt are bad for children especially buckling your kid without child seat could be deadly. Wearing a seatbelt is only safe when you wear it right and some people just don't fit the criteria, but wear them anyways because it is obligated. Skinny people tend to move forward before the seatbelt works and get killed because the belt moves up, ... small people are just not on the right height to wear it and might get neck damage, .. you should be so judgmental in some cases wearing one is good but for others it's just as bad. Making a law for everyone to wear it to me is stupid. >I'm all for it... as long as we-the-people don't have to pay for your hospital visit because you didn't wear the seatbelt. Lol I wear mine, .. but I think it should be a choice, .. not an obligation, .. and you don't pay anyones hospital bill but your own, ..

Comment Re:Advice (Score 1) 643

I was referring to a news item where a baby was thrown out of a car not a movie, well maybe the word movie was wrong of me, .. i'll see if i can find the event. i'm sure if you check google you'll find several, .. also i'll try and find the news event i was referring to.

Comment Re:"almost certainly" (Score 1) 160

What do you mean chance, .. are you all claiming that live only exists on this planet in all those universes ? I mean they might not be intelligent, but life will find a way no matter what, thinking life only exists here is just plain stupid. I'm not claiming they came here to abduct people and shit like that, just suggesting out of all the solar systems out there, do any of you really believe that life only exists here ? To me that's just being naive.

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