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OctaneZ's Journal: Anyone have a spare Verizon phone? 4

Journal by OctaneZ

Anyone have a spare Verizon phone in the back of a closet? One of my best friends had her phone kick the bucket, and is trying to avoid signing a new contract just now, as she is in school and isn't sure she wants to be tied into one plan for another year or two. Not looking for anything fancy, she's used to just a phone that's just a phone. I know, a strange plea, but if you have one that you don't need anymore please let me know.

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Anyone have a spare Verizon phone?

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  • Yes, indeed, I have a Verizon LG VX4500 [], used about two months. I got it when my signal strength started diminishing on my old phone, and because I waited more than 30 days, I couldn't return it when I had to invoke number portability and switch to a carrier with coverage in my bedroom.

    A quick glance at ebay suggests that $25 might be a fair price. Email/paypal james at readsay dot com.

  • I have a dual mode PrimeCo phone. I used it for smany years. PrimeCo was absorbed by Verizon. I upgraded about 15 months ago. It hasn't been powered up since. It has a 4 line lcd diplay. I think its a Qualcomm model. It's somewhere in my electronic parts boneyard.

    Let me know if you are interested. I'll look for it when I get home.

  • Analog + digital. Probably needs a new battery. Hasn't been used in 15 months. Doesn't seem to hold a charge. Thumbnail spinner is a bit jittery. AC charger, car charger. All manuals. When I run it off AC it shows its still active with 4 bars. In Charlottesville, VA ran Verizon analog. In florida in runs digital. Interested? k j horton @ gmail .com

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