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Comment Re:Okaaay. (Score 1) 203 203

Mod Parent Up, this is an excellent use of existing resources. If you're looking for extra Karma, collect some of the e-mails that relate to certain areas and use OneNote's various folder systems to organise them. Both Outlook and OneNote are bog-standard in most enterprises, anyone will be able to support access to the files, and using some kind of half-way useful naming structure will have the new hire praising your name (in private at least).

Comment Regular bet writ large to make interesting news? (Score 2) 74 74

I'm betting that the bet in the story is either a fiction (to get journalists to cover the story) or a regular part of some lab's cultures "That'll Never work!" "Bet you it will!" "How Much" "10 gets you 100, I'll put it in writing" "You're on!" "Ooh, that's interesting..."

Comment Re:Vendor vs In House (Score 1) 209 209

Also, don't just Ask the end users, actually watch them work. Google, MS, Apple, etc., they actually setup labs and watch how people interact with their products. That way you can See if they're having problems with your software, you don't have to rely on the problem being big enough for them to remember and write it down. Some/many users don't want to seem stupid and ask silly questions.

Comment Re:Wouldn't someone think of the children? (Score 3, Insightful) 294 294

Having Ethernet cables running all over the place is probably a greater measurable hazard than the WiFi. Tripping over a cable and injuring yourself Is a real danger, most workplaces are required to cover any cables running over the floor with heavy rubber mats or something like that. Or they could put in cable boxes into the floor of the rooms, very expensive, and very limiting to room geometry, which teachers Love to change!

Comment Re:Slashdot being a prime example of bad (Score 1) 382 382

I agree. The user should be allowed control of their experience, autodetect is often broken. Some pages I'm subscribed to on FB love to post links to mobile news sites, possibly because think their followers are mostly mobile. But for someone like me who prefers grunty desktops, I have to keep editing the URL. We need browser-based options to turn auto-detect on and off. Website-based ones would require logins, which wouldn't help your private browsing needs, and then you'd have to set it for Every site!

Much simpler to set it once in your browser.

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