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Comment: The electricity generated by this will be a joke (Score 1) 1

The electricity generated by this will be a joke. I can't say that the water output will be that great either. About all this will be good for is one person getting a drink and charging a cell phone. There are far cheaper and more effective ways of getting both water and electricity.

Comment: Umm... these chemicals are still in demand and use (Score 2) 3

by Obscene_CNN (#47715409) Attached to: Scientists baffled by unknown source of CFCs
Umm... some of these chemicals are still in demand and use (alternatives have been found but in some cases they don't work as well). Just because its against a treaty doesn't mean people don't stop producing and using it on the black market. probably if you look hard enough you'll find the illicit manufacture and use in China.

+ - Solar plant scorches birds in mid air-> 4

Submitted by Obscene_CNN
Obscene_CNN (3652201) writes "The new solar energy plant that is owned by Google and two energy companies is killing birds in mid air. The plant which works by concentrating the suns rays is killing and igniting the birds as they fall out of the sky. BrightSource Energy, NRG Solar, and Google say they are studying methods of reducing the bird deaths."
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Comment: They get recycled, not re-purposed (Score 3, Interesting) 1

by Obscene_CNN (#47659343) Attached to: What happens to electric-car batteries once they leave cars?
Currently used car battery packs from electric and hybrid cars get recycled and not re-purposed. The inherent risk of fire and explosion make lithium ion batteries to dangerous to re-purpose on a commercial level. The assumption is after life in a car with the heat vibration and wear and tear that they are to big of a liability risk to resell. A business that was reconditioning battery packs for cars got shut down about a year ago because the factory making the cells wouldn't sell him any more to make repairs with due to potential litigation fears.

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