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Comment: Upgrading from 11-12 was quite underwhelming. (Score 0) 396

by Ober (#38188886) Attached to: Linux Mint 12 Released Today

First off there is no upgrade path and instead you are forced to do a full reinstall. (slackware 1.0?)
Once I reinstalled on my main desktop where I was quite happy with 11, the gnome-shell kept respawning. (radeon video)
Forcing an upgrade to drivers did not help as images were completely corrupt on restart.
Then on the work laptop where 11 has worked fantastically 12 hangs during the boot.

So, I can't say I'm a big fan of this release.
Seriously guys work out the non-existent upgrade path.

Comment: We use to redirect to (Score 0) 443

by Ober (#29175745) Attached to: Avatar, Has Sci-fi Found Its Heaven's Gate?
Someone gave primary dns for this domain.
He set the Admin contact as his own name/location.
Was fun having the ability to slashdot a site before slashdot existed.
The owner of the called my isp where I worked asking "what are you doing?!?! redirecting to us?!?!"
Two weeks of email made for quite a collection of the stuff folks were spamming to
Finally got internic to put it back.
All with a simple forged email. I think he changed .pinerc to just list his return email as
and they did not have a pgp setup.
Oh well those were the days...
Still have the irc logs of the whole event unfolding on freenode #linpeople/#natter.

"You stay here, Audrey -- this is between me and the vegetable!" -- Seymour, from _Little Shop Of Horrors_