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Comment: Re:thorium OR ??? (Score 1) 776

How many solar panels would be required to 'pave over death valley'? Millions? Billions? how many miles of cable would be required? How long would this feat take? So long that by the time you install the last panel you're having to replace the first again? If you're going to make a suggestion like that, how about you include some math to show this is actually possible? I'll get you started, Death Valley is 3000square miles. Off you go.

Comment: Re:Antibiotic Placebo? (Score 1) 240

by Oakey (#43248757) Attached to: Most UK GPs Have Prescribed Placebos

"The pressures are generally quite the opposite under the NHS. It's generally a brilliant service, considering it's free to us "

Yeah, free at point of entry maybe. Unless you're suspected of having some critical illness, try getting an MRI scan that doesn't involve a 3-6month wait. Of course, they'll happily take £500 off you to speed it along.

Comment: Re:EA is a toy maker, not a game maker. (Score 1) 569

by Oakey (#43106569) Attached to: SimCity 5: How Not To Design a Single Player Game

It's more sinister than that. By going down the road of always online DRM they ensure that only one Origin account holder can only play one game from their Origin library at any given time.

If all their future games were to have this DRM then you can't play Game X whilst your spouse or siblings play Game Y on another computer in the house.

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by Oakey (#42536323) Attached to: Smart Guns To Stop Mass Killings

It's a pointless fantasy not even worth considering. It wouldn't even get that far because any insurgency would be stopped before it got off the ground and those people detained as terrorists and inarcerated forever. The media would 'inform' the populace about the threat of domestic terrorism and scare the shit out of them as usual and the populace would simply dismiss the insurgents as nutjob lunatics.

McVeigh is a perfect example of this. This was his exact motivation, a tyrannical government, but do you see any huge support for his actions? Of course not.

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