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Comment: Re:"I dont think so, Mr. Powers..." (Score 1) 140

by OS2toMAC (#40409763) Attached to: Judge Suggests Apple, Motorola Should Play Nice

This is Slashdot - everything Apple is evil...

Wait, I thought it was "everything Microsoft is evil", or have I picked that up wrong?

Actually it seems to be "everything not-LINUX is evil". I was going to say "everything that the non-Technical consumer likes is evil", but I'm not sure that fits in the Microsoft case. Maybe "only the perceived underdog is not evil"?

Comment: Re:Only one problem (Score 1) 341

by OS2toMAC (#36541476) Attached to: Vint Cerf Says Fix the Net With More Pipe
Couldn't you fix the "rental" model so that the video is available for X number of days past download. DirecTV OnDemand does this now (with the DVR). I can re-watch the movie for (I think) 5 days after "purchase". The old DIVX had self-destruct of the contents back in the 90's didn't it? (or was that the 80's) And let's face it, nothing is going to stop the pirates anyway.

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