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by OFnow (#46760503) Attached to: Netflix Gets What It Pays For: Comcast Streaming Speeds Skyrocket guesses 14000 feet (will be 18000 if it got measured rather than guessed) There is only one set of phone lines (installed in 1940's) and one physical base station. Long long ago Rhythms (a company) had better modems and we could get 356Kb/s for $55 a month, but company paid for that pitiful service. Satellite is of course pitiful compared to hard line Comcast speeds. At one time (for a few lucky people) there was a microwave link to San Bruno Mountain that gave a few Mb/s for $65 a month but the company lost rights to the spectrum, leaving that business, and anyway few homes really had good line of site (a single tree could block the signal). It is an effective monopoly now, just one service is any good at all.

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In the last 5 years the estimated cost of a system dropped 50 percent. Will vary, there is no uniform amount of sun (around here lots of rather large trees). Have one of the major installers with local folks make you an estimate. There will be multiple choices of how to fund it, the folks making the estimate will explain. Six months ago we had one installed. Generating about 50% of use, enough to get us down to Tier 1 use level.

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The utilities appear to be doing a one-sided analysis from what I have noticed. They complain about their lines being loaded by customers generating power and don't count the reduction in line use from the local power a home solar instatllation is helping to power the local neighborhood. Yes, we have a rooftop solar installation. Currently around 90,000 of them in California. Increasing fast. Local solar company is hiring 10-15 new installers *every day* according to local paper.

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Goverment does a lot for us! 6. Best health care in the world... um... O'h that obamacare disaster brewing..

You have not been paying attention. In the 1950's US health care was the best. But since then it fell dramatically in the world list. A change that has been widely reported. We are now way down the list, and have been for 20 years and more. Not a recent fall at all.

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