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Comment Re:yes (Score 1) 1049

The trouble with this approach is that it's prone to misunderstanding. People are used to seeing the name of the recepient before the @.If you're applying with a company/HR that doesn't know what you're doing, then they wonder why you seem to be claiming to be them. Or they look at the address and say, "OurCompany@hisdomain.com, that can't be right. He must be confused."

Comment Steam-like store needed (Score 1) 542

What we need is sellers like Steam, Gamers-Gate, and Good Old Games for the ebook market. Give me weekend deals, give me surprise specials on publishers, give me a discount if I buy an author's entire catalog. From what I've seen, there's little incentive to go ebook over dead-tree. They should be taking advantage of the low cost of distribution and selling as much as they can. If I can't get it for cheap online then I'm either going to pick it up used or from a library, I'm guessing neither of which profits them as much as if I get it directly.

I don't mind Steam-like DRM. Make it easy to use and make sure it WORKS and people will love it. There are customers now who try to buy on Steam whenever possible, sometimes even when the same product available elsewhere with no DRM and at a lower price.

That's not to say I wouldn't prefer something like RTF. Good Old Games is selling tonnes (how many bits are there in a gram?) of games DRM-free and are constantly adding to their catalog. There was nothing stopping me from pirating Fallout 2, but I bought it from GOG anyway because it was cheap enough to be a no-brainer. Older books, discounted, and DRM-free in a GOG-type store would be great and would make a lot of money.

Unfortunately, ebooks are more likely to go towards the Microsoft XBOX Live store model. Sales are rare and often lame. Microsoft just added the ability to buy XBOX 360 games online. The main problem is, it's twice or three times as expensive as picking up a physical copy.

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