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Comment: Re:I only write trivial shell scripts (Score 3, Interesting) 411

by OA (#31905756) Attached to: Adding Some Spice To *nix Shell Scripts

I agree python is lots of fun... but I do not call following script to be nontrivial.

> In Python, you can do things like
> junk_extension = (".temp", ".tmp", ".junk")
> if filename.endswith(junk_extension):
> os.remove(filename)

Your problem is: thinking ten lines of "if" statements to look at a filename.

This kind of things are done in 1 liner single shell command. This is too simple to bother python.

Please read about the "find" command. especially with --exec rm '{}' \;


Comment: Zenity , dialog, ... (Score 1) 411

by OA (#31905678) Attached to: Adding Some Spice To *nix Shell Scripts

There is zenity for GTK from shell.

There are other dialog tools out-there too.

It adds spice to a dish (program).

If you want different dishes, you are free to chose any toolkit (tcl/tk, C with GTK, ...).

If you look at Debian installer, it is based on many shell scripts. You can chose its frontend to be GUI. So limitation of shell script is only within people's mind. Just use right tools in smart way.

That's all.


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