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Comment: Re:300 miles. Basically, lots of ash in bumblefuck (Score 1) 109

by ScentCone (#47805883) Attached to: New Computer Model Predicts Impact of Yellowstone Volcano Eruption

From Wyoming? Seriously.

Well, you did say, "Montana, Wyoming and parts of Idaho and Utah" ... which is more than Wyoming. Lots of cattle throughout those four states. Lots of agriculture in Idaho, timber in Montana. Anyway, those states together produce just under 10% of the grain and ranch output we consume - many billions per year worth. Considering the just-in-time nature of the country's food supply, loss of it would be very non-trivial. We're also talking about herd destruction, which would have a lasting impact beyond the immediate absence of what would be going to market at any given time. That sort of destruction would quite suck, and we're not even talking about the industries that are present in places like Salt Lake City. Let's hope it just doesn't happen any time soon.

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Journal: [Beloved] It Is Not a Word 1

Journal by johndiii
It is not a word spoken,
Few words are said;
Nor even a look of the eyes
Nor a bend of the head,

But only a hush of the heart
That has too much to keep,
Only memories waking
That sleep so light a sleep.

-- Sara Teasdale

Comment: Re:whats the big deal? (Score 1) 293

by Opportunist (#47802307) Attached to: Reported iCloud Hack Leaks Hundreds of Private Celebrity Photos

I've been on the internet too long. I've seen them all. Small boobs, large boobs, boobs that have their own zip code and boobs that make it necessary to check further south to determine their owner's sex because it could well be a guy (and to make matters worse, yes, I've even seen guys who'd probably profit from wearing a bra and thanks a bunch for reminding me of that picture...).

There's simply nothing special about any kind of tits anymore. Unless they can do some sort of trick like juggling balls or something they're just another pair of boobs. Let's be blunt here, after you've seen a few thousands, it gets boring.

Comment: Re:What's wrong with you people (Score 1) 293

by Opportunist (#47802245) Attached to: Reported iCloud Hack Leaks Hundreds of Private Celebrity Photos

It doesn't matter because idiocy. Not boobs.

We informed, we taught, we blogged, we ranted, we raved, all 'til we turned blue in the face and had carpal tunnel, but people didn't want to listen and ... ohhhh shiny!

Now, my (not too) sincerest apologies if I feel a wee bit ... well, why not outright call it satisfied, yes, satisfied, that this happened. No, we were not fearmongering, no we were not crying wolf, no, we were not scaridy-cats.


Comment: I smell someone needing a subsidy (Score 3, Insightful) 206

by Opportunist (#47802171) Attached to: Power Grids: The Huge Battery Market You Never Knew Existed

With pretty good reliability, any "report" like that is followed by someone direly needing taxpayer funding to provide ... whatever, ignoring that profit originally was supposed to be reinvested instead of dumped on some idiots that are already overpaid.

Comment: Re:Why are the Ukrainians using facebook? (Score 1) 237

by Opportunist (#47800757) Attached to: Ukraine Asks Zuckerberg to Discipline Kremlin Facebook Bots

Yes, people found listeners because the listeners were looking. Because they HAD TO look.

Today, no looking is needed. If you build a small burger joint at the corner and you're the only one in town, people will eventually come to you. If McD opens a branch at every other corner, nobody needs to seek you out.

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