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Comment: Re:Further Alignment (Score 1) 93

by Nyall (#39775681) Attached to: Facebook Purchases 650 AOL Patents From Microsoft

First its $550 million. And yes it looks like microsoft has so far made a 550-240=310 million profit. But I can also see an advantage in facebook having their 900lb gorilla buddy microsoft being the one to go to AOL and negotiate for these patents. Namely if it was FB doing the negotiating that would have tipped their hand, then the patents might have been costlier.

Also microsoft has a billion to throw around, while I'm not sure facebook has that pre-ipo.

Comment: Re:Who are all these people who need 4G? (Score 1) 146

by Nyall (#39471565) Attached to: Huawei Claims 30Gbps Wireless 'Beyond LTE'

These comments that call for "I'd rather xyz was improved, why are they bothering with foo?" are silly. Very simply: the scientists who study xyz don't know a darn thing about foo.

Also 30 gigabits/second is so effing fast that they hopefully wouldn't need data caps at the 2 to 4 gig mark, but could go higher. Because, in theory, those data caps exist because that's the cell companies can reasonably provide to everyone. yeah I know I'm being way too hopeful given the nature of cell phone companies.

... improving the efficiency of spectrum utilization ...

Like by introducing 4g? OK, maybe that wasn't an intelligent response of me. What other techniques are there that increase spectrum effeciency?

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