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Comment If it ever gets human-scaled (Score 1) 18

From TFA:

If it was used to make black dresses, the wearer’s head and limbs might appear to float around a dress-shaped hole.

We now have a whole new technology for rich idiots to prank each other with. Or just make dressing up as headless horsemen for Halloween easier.

Comment Re:It'll never happen (Score 1) 333

The vehicle isn't moving per-se, the destination is being moved to it.

The concept seems nice, so long as we don't need to horrifically modify people to act as navigators after the anti-AI groups that are bound to crop up by the time such a thing becomes a possibility decide to force every ship using a drive to trash their hyper-advanced jump calculator.

Comment Re:And we are back to them again... (Score 1) 60

I'd say they're pretty different in concept. The former is designed to be reused and rewritten, and executables stored on it are usually wholly copied to the main device's primary storage before being run, as USB isn't fast enough. The latter is ROM made to hold a single program which is run off of it. Plus, cartridges (usually) aren't multi-platform.

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