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Comment: Re:It'll never happen (Score 1) 333

The vehicle isn't moving per-se, the destination is being moved to it.

The concept seems nice, so long as we don't need to horrifically modify people to act as navigators after the anti-AI groups that are bound to crop up by the time such a thing becomes a possibility decide to force every ship using a drive to trash their hyper-advanced jump calculator.

Comment: Re:And we are back to them again... (Score 1) 60

by Number42 (#48876275) Attached to: The Untold Story of the Invention of the Game Cartridge
I'd say they're pretty different in concept. The former is designed to be reused and rewritten, and executables stored on it are usually wholly copied to the main device's primary storage before being run, as USB isn't fast enough. The latter is ROM made to hold a single program which is run off of it. Plus, cartridges (usually) aren't multi-platform.

+ - Australian Solar Power Breaks Key Milestone: Subcritical Steam->

Submitted by retroworks
retroworks writes: Gizmag and ScienceAlert.com report that a solar thermal test plant in Newcastle, Australia, has generated “supercritical” steam. According to the reports, CSIRO is claiming it as a world record, and a big step for solar thermal energy. Using a field of more than 600 directional mirrors (heliostats) directed at two towers housing solar receivers and turbines, the researchers generated steam at a pressure of 23.5 mpa (3,400 psi) and 570 C (1,058 F).

"It's like breaking the sound barrier; this step change proves solar has the potential to compete with the peak performance capabilities of fossil fuel sources," Dr Alex Wonhas, CSIRO’s Energy Director, told Colin Jeffrey for Gizmag. Supercritical steam is used to drive the world’s most advanced power plant turbines, but the articles claim it was previously only been possible by burning fossil fuels (or I'd presume nuclear fission).

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