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Submission + - Peak Oil Predictions Proven Wrong (battleswarmblog.com)

Nova Express writes: Remember how some economists and environmentalists confidently predicted "peak oil" sometime in the 2000s? (Slashdot ran numerous stories on the idea.) It turns out that those predictions of peak oil were wrong. Thanks to improved technology, fracking, shale oil, and declining demand, the world is now going through an oil glut that has prices down around $30 a barrel. "Once again the market has proven much better at adaptation than erroneous neo-Malthusian thinking. Anyone telling you they know exactly how things will unfold should be treated with severe skepticism. The future’s not ours to see."

Comment Or they could, you know, abandon Communism (Score 1, Insightful) 108

And instead embrace freedom and allow their impoverished citizens embrace freedom and capitalism, and exchange information that way.

The reason that "Cuba has little Internet infrastructure" is because communism is a colossal economic and political failure. Free capitalism economies offer a much better model for getting out of poverty and building out an information infrastructure.

Comment UK doesn't seem to care about ACTUAL Child Rape (Score -1) 53

More than 1,400 children were raped over a period of years by a ring of Pakistani Muslim men in Rotherham, and UK policed couldn't be arsed to care about it over fears political correctness might end their careers. (And Rotherham wasn't the only one. There were similar Muslim rape rings in Oxfordshire and Manchester.) What on earth make you think they're going to drop everything over information sexual predators might possibly use later?

Comment Anonymous Has Already Done This (Score 5, Funny) 69

At least at a certain level, with Anonymous taking out thousands of pro-Islamic State Twitter accounts with Operation Tango Down. Now that's just one service, and nothing prevents them from signing on again. But you can slow momentum and make it harder for supporters of terrorism to broadcast their views to supporters without reprisals, and also limit or prevent coordinated action.

Best of all, it's possible to do it merely for Terms of Service violation, without government action.

Of course, to actually defeat terrorists, you have to kill them faster than terror organizations can create new terrorists, and to dry up their financial support (of which the Islamic State has plenty in "moderate" Sunni states...)

Comment Want to calculate nuclear yield? Buy Glasstone (Score 3, Interesting) 61

If you want to calculate nuclear yields, I suggest picking up a copy of Samuel Glasstone's The Effects of Nuclear Weapons (that's an Amazon link, but there are a fair number of used copies floating around). I have the revised 1962 edition.

Be sure to pick up a copy that still has the yield computer wheel in the back of the book.

Also, this web page lets you map nuclear bursts using Google maps, and seems to be heavily based on Glasstone.

Comment "asphalt cheaper/more effective than rails" (Score 0, Troll) 211

For the ostensible purpose of transporting people too and from the places they want to go, sure.

But that's not the real reason politicians push for rail-based transit.

The real reason politicians love rail transport is that there's so much greater opportunities for graft, kickbacks, patronage and campaign donations.

* Expensive trains with expensive contracts
* Expensive construction with expensive contracts
* Expensive donations and lobbying for rail stop locations
* Expensive land purchase deals for favored real estate agents and land owners
* Expensive union contracts to run and maintain the trains.
* Great "green energy" kickback subsidies from the federal government
* By benefiting (mostly) rich white people instead of (mostly) poor minorities, it helps rake in campaign contributions from the Right People

Old fashioned existing streets and bus lines offer so many fewer opportunities to get on the gravy train. And rail also offers the smug satisfaction of "being green"...

Submission + - Bring back MST3K Kickstarter Hits $2 Million Goal (lawrenceperson.com)

Nova Express writes: In a follow-up to the previous Slashdot story about the Bring Back Mystery Science Theater 3000 kickstarter, they have already hit their $2 million goal with 25 days left, which means they'll produce at least three new episodes. Now we'll see if they can make their $5.5 million stretch goal and produce a full 12 episodes.

Submission + - Rubio Says H1-B Visas Need Reforms, But His H1-B Bill Doesn't Reform Them (nationalreview.com)

Nova Express writes: At the most recent Republican Presidential debate, Florida Senator Marco Rubio said the H1-B visa program is badly in need of reform. One tiny problem: Sen. Rubio’s own H1-B bill doesn't implement any of the reforms demanded by Presidential Candidate Rubio. "It does not require recruitment of American workers. It does not require employers to 'pay more than you would pay someone else'...Rubio’s bill would provide Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his comrades a huge increase in the supply of lower-cost foreign guest workers so they can undercut and replace American workers.” Indeed, Rubio's bill "would triple the number of H1-B foreign workers admitted."

Comment Screw the "Community Activists" (Score 1) 151

If your local greenies object to data centers (low danger/high pay modern infrastructure), I'm sure that Texas would love to have that business.

If "community activists" want to drive high-paying jobs away, there's no shortage of locales with competent regulatory regimes that are happy to welcome new data center construction with open arms.

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