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Comment Re:There is no cure for absolute fucking stupidity (Score 2) 231 231

Maybe start by telling us which jobs women and minorities SHOULD NOT be employed in?

That would be (and includes non-minorities and men) any position that was filled due to racial requirements, diversity requirements, bigoted hiring managers, or affirmative action (IE, more racism).

Racism by definition is the belief that people are different because of the color of their skin.
Bigotry is when you do something about it.

Comment Re:Not me, not in California (Score 1) 940 940

Not everyone is trying to buy a home.

In fact, many people are not interested in buying a home. When you move from career to career, or take promotions within a company that move you around a state or country - you don't buy and sell a house every 2-3 years, you lease. When you change careers, or get a family and move to a new place - the smart buyer leases for a year so they can get a feel for a town on their own, and figure out where you want to build / buy.

Comment Re:Trolling Douchebags (Score 1) 211 211

Or - instead of having a choice between a paid service plan, or a non-paid service plan with no registration....

Perhaps there's a middle ground where people can register a phone to their name and service for zero dollars, with the phone only capable of making 911 calls. There's no reason that donated phones can't be attached to a new owner.

Comment Re:Spot the Fed comments in TFA were pretty tame (Score 1) 102 102


I went to DefCon 2005, and got spotted. It was quite friendly. During one of the keynotes, someone shouted out that they had spotted a fed, and pointed at me - then I was asked up on stage for a series of Q&A.

A military haircut, shirt tucked into your pants, and wearing socks with sandals was apparently enough of a giveaway. I did get a "I'm the Fed" T-shirt, and it was quite fun.

Comment Re:Far too expensive for a used car (Score 3, Informative) 65 65

No, you do not.

If you look at the federal tax credits at fueleconony.gov, the tax credit only applies to the first owner of the vehicle, only for new vehicles, and only in certain years.

If you lease a new EV, the dealership keeps the federal tax credit as well. If you look at the forms at fueleconomy.gov, it's pretty specific.

Comment Re:if that were true (Score 1) 348 348

I don't have IT experience, but you said "tech workers", so I'm going to chime in.

In my experience, our open positions are filled in three ways:
1. We have an internship/co-op program and hire kids who work out well while on co-op.
2. Poach from other tech firms when they lay off or close down.
3. Advertise the position, sift resumes, interview, and hire.

Most - actually, almost all - of our hires come from #1 or #2. The chances of finding a decent person with method #3 is very, very low. You have a lot of people who, I don't know if they suck at interviews or just suck in general, but not many come through the door that I'd like to work with based on the interview. We get a lot of co-op duds as well, but those just go away in a few months. The good ones are trained cheaply while they are co-ops and then can start right away as full-time engineers... win-win. Another real score is when places like Lockheed or Honeywell close a facility nearby. It isn't that frequent and you feel bad for the employees, but man we get some good talent from them.

This - except with four bullets, and #1 is referrals from current employees.

I dread sifting resumes. Contractors are hired through a third party company, and the only time I've ever seen talent come from them has been when I send them someone to hire to work here. Non-contract work job-postings are a mix between HR and hiring managers for what goes into the listing...and I'm starting to feel incredibly jaded by the process.

Don't blame HR for everything - hiring managers generally have as much input as they want, and HR is there to support them. Unfortunately, many hiring managers outsource their responsibilities to HR, thinking that since the HR role / department exists, they don't have to do anything except open their arms and receive the best and brightest candidates, pre-screened. If only that happens.

Comment Re:Pro-Boy Bias? (Score 4, Insightful) 493 493

How do you explain the research that certainly strongly suggests there is such a bias? And given that the bias is assumed to be unconscious, how can you be sure that you don't also have similar biases, affecting your judgement?

Well, for one - the study and research were done in Israel, not in the United States. Despite the author's conjecture that "The results should apply in the United States as well" - Israel is NOTHING LIKE the United States in education, culture, or....well, a lot of things.

What if I visited the Ivory Coast, or the Congo, or Nigeria, and did a study on elementary schools? The headline would read, "New Research Shows lack of White students affects diversity."

Then I wrote a research paper about how there's not enough white children in schools. I'd give that study about the same merit. Israel has radically different social bias - they are virtually a country of martial law - justifiably so because of the daily threats they live with. Their educational system reflects that. Applying it to the United States is bollocks. Israel doesn't learn about slavery and the U.S. civil war, or about our political system or national pastimes in school. Seriously, bollocks.

Comment Everyone back up a step... (Score 4, Informative) 468 468


Ubisoft claims (for what it's worth) that the only digital keys that they revoked were those purchased fraudulently with stolen credit cards.

No one has a right to keep stolen property. If you buy a watch in a pawn shop, and the police come for it because it's stolen, you forfeit the watch. Don't get me wrong - I absolutely detest Ubisoft, ever since XIII, and will never buy another product of theirs...I hope their corporate building burns down, they lose their IP to someone, and the name Ubisoft becomes a curseword...

But at the same time, clamoring that the stolen goods you purchased on the black market were taken away from you doesn't garner sympathy.

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