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Comment: Dear Australia (Score 1) 90

I submitted a public comment even though I'm not Australian. :)

Dear Australia:

Congratulations from the USA on making the international news - apparently you're debating a new bill, which includes as part of it reversing the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

We've done some newsworthy things in the last decade about restricting freedoms and civil liberties, but no one on this side of the pond has dared touch that one yet.

The bill *does* make sense in a way - Australia was started as a colony of criminals - might as well presume everyone *is* one until proven innocent!

Congrats again on your new found powers of oppression.

Comment: Re:Conservatives mostly don't like the involvement (Score 1) 204

Competition works. Look at your shoes. Did they need to pass regulations to make your shoes not terrible? No. Competition did it. You as a consumer check out the shoes in the store and you only buy the ones that are worth your money. You don't buy the ones that are bad. The same principle can work in almost infinite applications.

If you want the analogy to serve internet....what if the only shoe providers in the whole country were Nike, Reebok,and Adidas, and depending on where you lived in the country, you could only buy one brand of shoes - and you weren't allowed to shop online or travel to buy a competitor's pair?

What kind of shoes do you think you would be wearing then?

Comment: Re:tl;dr (Score 1) 312

by Notabadguy (#48534377) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Electronics-Induced Inattentiveness?

Good lord, the first world problems that people complain about.

OP: You're not suffering a disease. What you're describing is self-induced lack of mental discipline. Find someone who isn't a tweenie-wanna-be-hipster to slap you in the face a couple of times, drink a glass of cold tap water (not bottled water packaged in environmentally friendly recycled plastic), and sleep it off.

Comment: Re:I agree, except: (Score 2) 390

by Notabadguy (#48484447) Attached to: First Star War Episode 7 Trailer Released

As far as technology goes, what I observed from the episodes 1-3 is that they had better technology available than they did in 4-6, like double bladed light sabers, unlike the paltry one bladed ones available in the future. It's almost like their society is failing and their technology is limited to only what has already been produced and hasn't been destroyed yet. They should count themselves lucky to have TIE fighters.

Give it time. Disney won't kill the franchise, so look forward to:

Star Wars Episode 10: Jedi facing a crisis of lightsaber shortages. Lightsabers handed down generationally.
Star Wars Episode 15: Re-introduction of kinetic weaponry. Jedi learn to their horror that when a lightsaber blocks a kinetic round, they get splashed with plasma and liquified metal.
Star Wars Episode 18: Droids across the galaxy are falling into disrepair without the technology to repair them, and people with the ability to calculate the logistics and plotting for hyperspace routes grow fewer - they form into a guild called "Navigators."
Star Wars Episode 22: Droids are gone, kinetic weaponry and explosives dominate, Jedi lightsabers are a thing of legend, and interstellar travel requires the help of the navigators, whom no one actually ever sees.
Star Wars Episode 24: A boy with unprecedented midiclorian levels is born on the planet Calidan. Legend foretells that he will save or destroy the Universe.
Star Wars Episode 25: A New, New Hope: The spice.....must flow....

Comment: Re:Which is why girls dominate game making... (Score 4, Insightful) 312

by Notabadguy (#48484379) Attached to: In UK Study, Girls Best Boys At Making Computer Games

In 180ish comments, I didn't see anyone chuckle at "the girls...learnt more about coding."

So to summarize:

-30 kiddies make up the sample set.
-No controls on the experiment.
-No prevention on collusion.
-12 year old girls in the sample set develop more complex games than 12 year old boys in the sample set.
-Arbitrary measure of complexity for measure.
-12 year old literacy in the summary.

Yep, this is a scientific study that I'll be referencing.

Comment: Re:ITT: (Score 3, Insightful) 237

by Notabadguy (#48476719) Attached to: Google Should Be Broken Up, Say European MPs

ITT: Fools who are apoplectic over the idea of Apple exercising control of its app ecosystem and Microsoft bundling a browser with their OS find a way to contort themselves into the illogical stance that Google engaging in the same type of practices is "totally for our own good, fuck the EU."

You nerds never cease to amaze me.

IOS isn't free. Android is.
Windows isn't free. Google is.

Perhaps you forget that you couldn't uninstall IE, choice was hard to come by, and today is nothing like then. You can choose to not use Chrome easily. You can not use google easily.

Comment: Outages happen! (Score 3, Informative) 516

by Notabadguy (#48465485) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Is the Power Grid So Crummy In So Many Places?

Houston Texas - Lightning Storm? Voltage Sag. Loss of power for long enough for all clocks in the house to go to 0:00, and for computers to turn off. Never longer than for 5-10 seconds.

-Since the electric motors draw more current when they are starting than when they are running at their rated speed, starting an electric motor can be a reason of a voltage sag.
-When a line-to-ground fault occurs, there will be a voltage sag until the protective switch gear operates.
-Some accidents in power lines such as lightning or falling an object can be a cause of line-to-ground fault and a voltage sag as a result.
-Sudden load changes or excessive loads can cause a voltage sag.
-Depending on the transformer connections, transformers energizing could be another reason for happening voltage sags.
-Voltage sags can arrive from the utility but most are caused by in-building equipment.

An actual power outage on the other hand can be caused by ANYTHING.

-Tree branch fell on a power line.
-Someone drove into a utility pole and broke a wire. Again with the Houston Texas example....I work in Oil and Gas, and my shop was out of power for 7 hours because someone ran into a utility pole on the corner of the street that leads to my office.
-Ground short.
-Transformer either on a line or at the utility shorts.
-Everything in between.
-All the way to emergency outage with the base load generator at whomever your power production company is.

Comment: Re:Why did he lose tenure? (Score 3, Interesting) 167

by Notabadguy (#47972643) Attached to: Anonymous Peer-review Comments May Spark Legal Battle

It is important to keep in mind that there is no factual proof that he lost his offer of employment at UoMMC or his tenure at Wayne due to the comments on PubPeer. Sarkar's lawyer claims that the retraction letter from UoMMC says this is why, but has declined to offer the letter as proof.

All that is factually known at this time is that the scientific integrity of Sarkar's articles have come under scrutiny, and that a potential job at UoMMC didn't pan out for him.

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