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+ - Ryzom releases native Linux client-> 1

Submitted by biking42
biking42 (1437037) writes "The MMORPG Ryzom, in addition to Open Sourcing the core server code last spring, has released a native Linux client. No more messing with Wine and settling with no sound or 3fps. You can also download the client source and compile it yourself. A dev Wiki and Forums can be found at: for both the client AND core server source code.

In addition, for new game accounts they just went F2P. No store or micropayment items yet — just some restrictions on the free accounts. Read about it at the main site:"

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Comment: Re:The Book. (Score 1) 684

by NotWallaceStevens (#31138800) Attached to: It's 2010; What's the Best E-Reader?
The Book's carrying capacity limitations are more than compensated by the longevity of its media, however. Years after your e-book reader is in your junk box or landfill along with the other hottest technology you bought this year, the books I keep and shelve will still be books rather than e-waste. For throwaway one-time reads that's OK by me. For writing with more staying power, though, that's a damned shame,

Comment: Re:And the problem is...? (Score 1) 501

by NotWallaceStevens (#22803126) Attached to: Windows Vista SP1 Meeting Sour Reception In Places
Newer Intel motherboard, uses Sigmatel audio, SP1 is not compatible with the latest drivers available through Intel. SP1 has been available for compatibility testing for how long, and Microsoft and Intel can't come up with a compatible sound driver? That seems like a great sign to me that Vista really is dead, the new Millennium Edition is upon us.

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