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Comment I'll believe it's an emergency when 2 thingshappen (Score 5, Insightful) 142

1. Wages increase

2. They bring in people on green cards for 5-10 years for any employer instead of this H1B nonsense where they bring people in with a leash around their figurative nuts and hand the nut leash to one company.

Comment That's the difference? (Score 1) 179

Just asking because I was under the impression that pretty much in theory laid off means "we're getting rid of you and you can collect unemployment" where I always took fired to be "we're getting rid of you an don't have to pay unemployment." Well that's the public side, I also thought that the private side of things worked like this, laid off was "it's business and we can't afford you" vs. fired which is "this is personal and we don't like something about you." This of course leads to what I've seen where people were publically laid-off(can collect unemployment) but privately we knew they were fired. (We don't like something about you.)

Comment The problem with that (Score 1) 217

You might get the idea person who codes horrifically badly who decides it’s a better idea jobwise for them to horde those idea and code things themselves. (This is to make it hard for the company to fire them and there’s no oversight since they’re usually a manager so they can do it their way.) Then after 5 years of their coding monstrosity they dump their “Critical program” on software engineering because they’re so important they can move on to better things.

Comment Re:Meanwhile back in reality (Score 1) 179

I've got to second this. I've seen so many people where I currently work get laid-off but we all know they were really fired. (The company didn't feel like building up the case for termination with cause. Since they're an at-will employee that's ok, the company just had to pay for unemployment.)

Comment I will always post that overtime is fantasy (Score 1) 381

In that you can not consistently get more than 40 hours of work out of anybody except a very, very, small percentage of workers. As in I've worked in IT for almost 20 years and never actually met anyone that I saw produce anything like 40 quality hours worth of work a week. (A lot of them thought they were. Then again they also thought they worked far faster than they really did. Giving estimates that were actually half the real value.)

Comment Oh I can think of one thing in CS (Score 3, Insightful) 306

I can think of one thing in CS that I see gives people with little to no CS education a lot of trouble. Algorithmic analysis, to be specific big O notation. I've seen people not get algorithmic growth at all and end up implementing something that is O(n^2) when they could easily come up with something that's O(NLogN) or even O(N). Surprise surprise when they have to process even a middle amount of data they have problems. I have learned something else though. If someone tells you that their app runs in N^2, log(n), or nLog(n) time they probably know what they're talking about. If they say N! or even C^N they really know what they're talking about. If they tell you it's linear that could either mean it really is linear or that they don't know of any other running time.(Literally I saw code that was obviously N^2 but the developer said it was linear because he didn't know of any other type.)

Comment It amounts to protecting your developers (Score 1) 146

If your developers are any good you basically don't need to do much. Give them a direction and the tech and they'll happily hack away. That's pretty much what my best manager tried to do. He made sure I had a good machine to develop on, would get them upgraded when they got old, and tried to prevent other divisions from using us as tech support. (Which can happen surprisingly easily since the devs tend to be some of the most tech savvy people around.) So he got that if I'm waiting 20 minutes every morning for my machine to start up or have to reboot once a day because my machine slows down because of all the corporate stuff on the computer that not only ticks me off but actually costs the company money. (Since developer time is actually very expensive so don't waste it.) I'm always surprised when managers can't get the budget for a new laptop or even just an SSD when they thing will pay for itself so quickly. (Back the envelope calculations even if you assume 30 minutes wasted a day a SSD pays itself off in a few weeks, the laptop pays itself off in a few months.)

Comment Just to make it clear a cure for the common cold (Score 1) 52

Would have to have all of the following attributes.

It would have to act very quickly since for most people if you do nothing it's over in 7 days.

It would have to be very safe because for most people if you do nothing it's over in 7 days.

It would have to be very cheap because for most people if you do nothing it's over in 7 days.

Comment Re:A sane supreme court decision? (Score 1) 409

The sad thing is that when the supreme court ruled this was ok then it didn't matter it was bullshit, it was case law that the dogs worked. At this point I would literally not be surprised if the supreme court actually ruled 2 + 2 was 7 and then as far as the courts were concerned 2 + 2 really is 7.

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