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Comment The problem with agile is the name (Score 1) 371

Really when you get down to it it's about 4 things Talking- nobody can go weeks out of communication Trusting - you have to trust that your teammates arnt idiots Respect- don't waste others time or resources Reflect - yes you need to go over what happened and what went wrong and right What I find is agile is some times go fast and stupid and breaks the above ideas but the name agile makes it sound like the point is speed when it's a side effect

Comment Re:2015 Passat tdi owner (Score 1) 201

If you live in California, it doesn't matter what you think. If the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and the state have their way, nobody who currently owns one of these vehicles will be able to re-register them with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), which means that these vehicles are (or will be) no longer legal to drive in California on public roads.

I guess business opportunity would be to start a company in a neighboring state, "buy and register" them in the other state and then let the original owner rent them for a nominal fee. (Not sure if there's a law stopping something like that but if there isn't by the time there was a law the company could have made a bit of money.)

Comment I can top that (Score 1) 208

I had an interview that was straight out of Seinfeld or something. I had a lunch interview. We went to the cafeteria, got something to eat and then went to a conference room so they could interview me while we ate lunch. Simple, right?

Fairly early on my interviewer spilled a little bit of food on their clothes. My instinct was to offer a napkin to help with the clean up. But this is where the comedy truly begins. This person didn't notice but instead turned things up a notch before I could do anything. There was no stopping either eating or the interviewing. Instead they continued simultaneously. Here's a handful of food, whoosh into the mouth while asking me questions about my current job. Down the hand goes back for more food, the questioning continues, the food unable to withstand the speech while in the mouth plops straight out back on the plate. Another handful and this cycle continues, food in mouth, the interviewer never stops talking to actually chew the food and it all inevitably falls out, back on the plate. I was utterly disgusted, tried to answer while not looking much like George would, knowing full well if I did look at this at this train wreck I'd probably vomit. The sight of half chewed food, almost bouncing back and forth between the interviewer's plate and mouth in a surreal ridiculousness.

Ahh, but that's not quite enough to qualify for Seinfeld. You need that little extra bit to put it over the top, Jerry is the master of that. Some how even though the food kept falling out of the mouth, with repeated tries it was eventually swallowed. I mistakenly thought it'd be ok to look now. Nope of course not, now my interviewer started licking their hand. No, not their fingers, the entire hand, repeatedly straight from wrist to fingertip. Some how I managed to get out of there without barfing everywhere. I was lucky, I'm certain many couldn't help but rubberneck this episode. Their eyes drawn moth like to the flame of utter repulsiveness.

If this was actually on Seinfeld I could see myself laughing at it. The seriousness when I started the interview that morning and yet how bizarrely it actually turned out, that would be one people would be talking about around the figurative water cooler for weeks. Of course it's not funny when something like this happens to you in real life. I was happy when they rejected me. I mean I should never work at a place that would actually employee someone like that. Hell, I can hardly believe it actually happened and yet it actually did. (I should have walked out right after that part but I'm a schmuck so I didn't. I still wonder if it was really a test of some sort.)

Comment Actually that's your life expectancy at birth (Score 1) 315

your life expectancy goes up with age because that evidence of you being healthy. IE if you have a 1 year and his 81 year grandfather the one with the best chance to live to 82 is the grandfather since he's already lived 81 years. The grandchild might die from childhood cancer, being self destructive in his teens/twenties. etc.

Comment That's the difference? (Score 1) 179

Just asking because I was under the impression that pretty much in theory laid off means "we're getting rid of you and you can collect unemployment" where I always took fired to be "we're getting rid of you an don't have to pay unemployment." Well that's the public side, I also thought that the private side of things worked like this, laid off was "it's business and we can't afford you" vs. fired which is "this is personal and we don't like something about you." This of course leads to what I've seen where people were publically laid-off(can collect unemployment) but privately we knew they were fired. (We don't like something about you.)

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