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Comment Re:Too late (Score 5, Informative) 400

A bit unrelated: I was just browsing your website (the one in your signature), and was noting that I couldn't watch the embedded youtube video (talking about this video). They are included as html object element and require flash to be played (which I don't have). Its better to support HTML5 as well by using a more modern embedding code via iframes. It will still offer a fallback for users who can't play back html5 videos, e.g. on outdated browsers. You can get the embed code by clicking "share" and then "embed".

Comment Re:Gratis but not free (Score 1) 56

And who guarantees you that Lumberyard will be free for use in, say 2 years? Perhaps Amazon is pulling this off, getting as many game developers interested in their engine as possible, and then starting to require a 50% revenue fee on published games? And it doesn't have to be bad intent. Just some new guy in middle management who wants to present great numbers to his bosses, and after the quarter he is off to the next company.

Comment Re:So it's between the BSD/MIT and GPL licenses. (Score 2) 56

The GPL doesn't restrict the use of the compiled binaries, you can use them for everything. The only thing the GPL restricts one to do is to close down the source or harm user freedom. You aren't allowed to share modifications of lumberyard, the GPL allows this. And the GPL doesn't cover assets. You still can monetize your game on an asset only basis.

Comment Gratis but not free (Score 4, Insightful) 56

From :

Q. Is Lumberyard “open source”?

No. We make the source code available to enable you to fully customize your game, but your rights are limited by the Lumberyard Service Terms. For example, you may not publicly release the Lumberyard engine source code, or use it to release your own game engine.

Limberyard is gratis, and free as in beer, but it isn't free as in freedom.

Comment That's why you should have a package manager (Score 5, Insightful) 64

nuget, apt-get, pacman, whatever. The package manager's installer code was written _once_. No need for reinventing the wheel for every damn installer in the world. No need for fixing the same bugs all over again. Just something that works, and offers updates out of the box without having to spam the user with update notices.

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