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Comment: Re:Police?? (Score 4, Informative) 284

That tiny part has financed most of englands colonisation efforts. It has helped building a world empire. However, nowadays its weird to see such a relic in a country that calls itself democratic. Having a queen who stays out of politics isn't a big deal. An institution where companies can vote based on the number of their employees, thats in the press and uses titles like "police" is however. I don't object to companies to publish their opinions, but they shouldn't use titles that sound like they were part of the state. This clearly shows their position towards democracy.

I know other companies fuck democracy, too, but to some extent that can't be avoided as the line between "legitimate participation in public discussion" and "lobby government" is thin. Companies should just clearly state its them.

Comment: Problems with TLS and PKI (Score 4, Insightful) 185

by NotInHere (#48003843) Attached to: Security Collapse In the HTTPS Market

goto_fail is just a bug like every else. Its a major bug, yes, but its "only" a bug. There are more systemic issues.

PKI is broken. Diginotar was just one indident we know of. CAs can secretly give everybody any cert they want. We need a system where the CAs need have to publish their certs, and which itself can't forge. Certificate transparency only centralises this "tree of trust". We still need to give the tree a ground to stand on. This can be achieved by gossip protocols. With all these measures, we don't need CAs anymore. CA is a multi-million dollar industry, they won't like being obsolete.

Third point: Microsoft. They haven't added usable perfect forward secrecy until april 2014.

Fourth point: the users. They don't care, or other things are more important to them (stability, etc): Most of them don't update their browsers regularly. I don't critizise clicking away security warnings.

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Webdefinitions are one of the things I hate on google: People think it is google, while in fact it is Wikipedia. Instead of proper attribution (naming the author, the license, and so on), they just add a link to the site, and call it "web definition". And people who don't read the link think the information comes from google.

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