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Comment: Re:"Plugin-Free" (Score 1) 65

Flash has an install base of 99%. Of the 1% that don't have flash installed, there are some people (like me) who dislike it, but welcome the open web with all its new standards. So the people who have a worse experience (as they can't not install those 'bloaty features') are less than 1%. And even for you the situation improves. You can turn on and off everything you want or don't want, at least in firefox, in which there are about:config settings for most of the APIs. With flash you have a very binary choice. And for the other 99%: everybody who uninstalls flash is a reason more to have such APIs in the browser.

Comment: Re:Opus support for IE, finally? (Score 1) 65

In their blog post, they pledged to implement opus for webrtc. Let's hope they also enable it for <audio> elements. But still I'm very happy about this, as perhaps one day I don't need a closed-source native application to chat and talk with my friends over skype.

+ - Microsoft Is Bringing WebRTC To Internet Explorer, Eyes Plugin-Free Skype Calls 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Microsoft today announced it is backing the Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) technology and will be supporting the ORTC API in Internet Explorer. Put another way, the company is finally throwing its weight behind the broader industry trend of bringing voice and video calling to the browser without the need for plugins. Both Google and Mozilla are way ahead of Microsoft in this area, both in terms of adding WebRTC features to their respective browsers and in terms of building plugin-free calling services that rely on the technology. In short, Skype is under threat, and Microsoft has finally decided to opt for an “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” strategy."

+ - Hungary to introduce 62 cents/GB internet tax

Submitted by NotInHere
NotInHere (3654617) writes "In Hungary, the government of Victor Orban wants to impose world's first traffic-based tax of 150 HUF (0.62 USD) per gigabyte of internet traffic. According to economy minister Mihaly Varga, this has been neccessary to "plug holes in the 2015 budget", and to compensate for the people's move of communication habits from 2 cents per min taxed POTS to the untaxed internet. This tax has not just raised criticism by telecom providers, but also resulted in heavy revolts, even though the government later announced to cap the tax at 700 HUF for consumers and 5000 HUF for businesses, and let the telecom providers pay the remaining part."

+ - Steve Ballmer gets Billion-Dollar Tax Write-Off for being Basketball Baron->

Submitted by McGruber
McGruber (1417641) writes "According to a report published by The Financial Times (, ex-Microsoft CEO Billionaire Steve Ballmer will be able to write about a Billion dollars of his Basketball Team's purchase price off from the taxable income he makes over the next 15 years:

"Under an exception in US law, buyers of sports franchises can use an accounting treatment known as goodwill against their other taxable income. This feature is commonly used by tax specialists to structure deals for sports teams. Goodwill is the difference between the purchase price of an asset and the actual cash and other fixed assets belonging to the team."

NBC Los Angeles has a non-paywalled summary here:"
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+ - Mozilla publishes Online news site "The Open Standard" 1

Submitted by NotInHere
NotInHere (3654617) writes "According to its Mozilla wiki page, the Open Standard will "explore the role of openness and transparency in all aspects of society". Since the writing of that wiki page, the article "Welcome to The Open Standard" has been published, so The Open Standard (how it got its name here) is officially launched. The article currently has rendering difficulties on my desktop, therefore I'll paste it here:

From its start, Mozilla has advocated for the open, transparent and collaborative systems at work in our daily lives. This is the next step in that mission.

Welcome to The Open Standard.

From the beginning, Mozilla has dedicated itself to advocating for an open Web in wholehearted belief that open systems create more opportunity for everyone.

From its advocacy work to web literacy programs, to the creation of the Firefox browser, Mozilla has exemplified the journalism adage, “show, don’t tell.” It’s in that tradition that we’re excited to bring you The Open Standard, an original news site dedicated to covering the ideas and opinions that support the open, transparent and collaborative systems at work in our daily lives.

We advocate that open systems create healthier communities and more successful societies overall. We will cover everything from open source to open government and the need for transparency; privacy and security, the “Internet of Things” vs. “pervasive computing”, to education and if it’s keeping up with the technological changes. The bottom line? Open is better.

This is just the beginning. Over the next few months, The Open Standard will open itself to collaboration with you, our readers; everything from contributing to the site, to drawing our attention to uncovered issues, to crowdsourcing the news.

We thank you for joining us and hope you will make us a regular part of your day.


Anthony Duignan-Cabrera
Editor in Chief
The Open Standard"

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