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Webdefinitions are one of the things I hate on google: People think it is google, while in fact it is Wikipedia. Instead of proper attribution (naming the author, the license, and so on), they just add a link to the site, and call it "web definition". And people who don't read the link think the information comes from google.

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by NotInHere (#47947817) Attached to: Native Netflix Support Is Coming To Linux

Its also a general issue of browser plugins dying out. Silverlight and Flash had a reason when they were created. The web didn't support the things people wanted to use it for. Browsers were immature, and every browser and every version of a browser rendered different results. In the past decade, the browser vendors and w3c have worked hard to create an unified standardized platform to work on. With this platform, plugins are just obsolete. Even today they are a major cause for browser crashes. With IE11, even microsoft has added a serious contribution.

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by NotInHere (#47922935) Attached to: Industry-Based ToDo Alliance Wants To Guide FOSS Development

I fully understand why they did the google layer. Its the only way to make money with android. And the google layer gives google control over fragmentation. And things do work properly even without the google layer.

Its also reasonable to centralize the push message system, as you /have/ to implement it via polling one way or another, and polling multiple services is bad, as most times nothing has happened.

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