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by NotInHere (#48228281) Attached to: Google Search Finally Adds Information About Video Games

The wikidata page is similarly stamped:
"All structured data from the main and property namespace is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License; text in the other namespaces is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply.", which links to and the CC BY-SA 3.0 license.

And CC0 is no copyleft license. "text in the other namespaces" is only a small minority of wikidata's data.

So, there you go. WP doesn't suffer. The appearance of Wikipedia data in Google's Knowledge Panels furthers WP's goals.

Now google decides what appears in the info box. Also, the image is chosen by google, and all other data than the short description also come from some google database. So while wikipedia is still prominent, its position is weakened.

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by NotInHere (#48228139) Attached to: Google Search Finally Adds Information About Video Games

the current trend of google to create a "smart search" that directly answers your questions. Not because this isn't useful, but because projects like wikipedia suffer from it. This is even a direct competitor to wikidata. I still don't understand why wikidata isn't copyleft, its a bad descision in my eyes. Or isn't there any copyright on databases? Then i'll look forward for open google scraping projects.

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The problem is that once released, all packages on an ubuntu distro don't get updates for features anymore. This is because ubuntu isn't rolling release like arch or other distros. There are only very few exceptions like firefox.
Ubuntu relies on upstream maintaining that current branch, or canonical does if it is in the 'main' repository, and upstream doesn't do it. For packages outside 'main', the community has to provide patches, or they go unpatched.

This isn't being stubborn, this is just simply to keep something feature stable. This is neccessary for some people, and also something that microsoft does. But unlike microsoft, ubuntu also tries to keep almost all applications feature stable. This is harder than "just" a basic platform. And the basic platform is already in the 'main' repo, which gets patches.

But still I don't understand why Owncloud has been included in the first place if nobody wanted to provide patches for it. If nobody can do that, its not part of Ubuntu, simple as that. There is a ppa for ownloud for those who want to install it.

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Frequent summary submitter describes it very good:

He just makes very long submissions. And since this week, a troll has been very busy, submitting stories:

and writing But-what-does-frequent-contributor-Bennett-Haselton-think-about-this posts into stories. The term "Frequent contributor" has been used in a summary by an editor, and is already associated with him by /. users:

+ - OwnCloud Developer requests removal from Ubuntu repos: multiple vulnerabilities->

Submitted by operator_error
operator_error (1363139) writes "ownCloud developer Lukas Reschke has sent an email to the Ubuntu Devel mailing list, requesting that ownCloud (server) is removed from the Ubuntu repositories because the package is old and there are multiple critical security bugs for which no fixes have been backported. He adds that:

        "Those security bugs allows an unauthenticated attacker to gain complete control about the web server process".

However, packages can't be removed from the Ubuntu repositories for an Ubuntu version that was already released, that's why the package was removed from Ubuntu 14.10 (2 days before its release) but it's still available in the Ubuntu 14.04 and 12.04 repositories (ownCloud 6.0.1 for Ubuntu 14.04 and ownCloud 5.0.4 for Ubuntu 12.04, while the latest ownCloud version is 7.0.2).

Furthermore, the ownCloud package is in the universe repository and software in this repository "WILL NOT receive any review or updates from the Ubuntu security team" (you should see this if you take a look at your /etc/apt/sources.list file) so it's up to someone from the Ubuntu community to step up and fix it. "If nobody does that, then it unfortunately stays the way it is", says Marc Deslauriers, Security Tech Lead at Canonical.

You can follow the discussion @ Ubuntu Devel mailing list.

So, until (if) someone fixes this, if you're using ownCloud from the Ubuntu repositories, you should either remove it or upgrade to the latest ownCloud from its official repository, hosted by the openSUSE Build Service"

Link to Original Source

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But it also produces patentable products that can revolutionize the market and allow the company to profit from patent licensing even when they aren't interested in the market that the patent would apply to.

I know that Microsoft makes a shitload of patent fees from Android devices. Were those patents researched at Microsoft labs?

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Just like Bittorrent sync, its highly dependent on your setup. If you run Owncloud on your home router with 1M uplink, your speed is that small. If you run your owncloud on a server with a gigabit uplink, and use google fiber, and you have an SSD in your owncloud server, you might get faster speeds.

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Why do we need multiple rendering engines? There should be one to rule them all. It seems that even large companies like microsoft can't fix all issues, and microsoft has to maintain multiple rendering engines, like Trident or the Office rendering engine. If microsoft would use trident for office documents, too, and all plug-ins were made in js (or NaCL if you like binary), Office could profit by the huge efforts Microsoft (and Google) puts into securing Browsers.

I'd rather just believe that it's done by little elves running around.