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Comment That's why you should have a package manager (Score 4, Insightful) 47

nuget, apt-get, pacman, whatever. The package manager's installer code was written _once_. No need for reinventing the wheel for every damn installer in the world. No need for fixing the same bugs all over again. Just something that works, and offers updates out of the box without having to spam the user with update notices.

Comment Re:Open Source (Score 1) 166

I prefer the option being "default deny" rather than "default let users execute whatever shit they find on the net". On windows, there are tons of sites, with varying reputability, and even the larger ones offering you to install you some bloatware of theirs. On android you only have google (note the "only have", google is an ad company after all). I consider this better for the average person.

Comment Re:Android != Play Store (Score 1) 166

Except for the part that alternative ROMs usually update their ROMs longer than, hardware vendors. Not without reason it's called "aftermarket" firmware.

They aren't like PCs where you still have Linux if you want to control your machine.

If your phone is well supported by a third party ROM vendor, the situation is IMO actually comparable to the PC world. Most of the stuff you want to run won't work (like MS office, the Adobe tools, or games), but the basics _do_ work.

The existence of alternative (open source) ROMs is only on Android. Not on iOS, nor windows mobile.

Probably there is one difference: In the PC world a far larger percentage runs "truly" open devices (where the full application/OS layer is open source), than on android, which has a strong inclination towards gapps. Google basically moved the border closer to them, and getting many open source developers write for their platform only.

Comment Re:Open Source (Score 1) 166

AOSP follows the "cathedral" approach of open source. gapps are closed and proprietary, that's true, and most apps require one or another gapp. Google has managed to get most apps rely on their services one way or another, even though they published most of the OS as open source. This can't be said for microsoft, or iOS (yeah, the compiler, browser engine and the kernel are open source, but what else?), so kudos to google for this.

Yes, Android is proprietary, but I still like that almost the whole OS is open source. Anyways, I wouldn't want to use the proprietary components anyways, e.g. their maps app, which sends the position I am interested in to google's servers. I use osmand, and have the full map on my device. I don't need to send google my position every time I look at the map, or tell google which route to drive, or etc. Or take the GCM service, which is good in thought, I don't deny that, but I don't trust an advertising company to run it, I prefer to have a free choice over this.

I'm comfortable with the fact that these apps are proprietary. I don't want spyware on my device. I don't want it to be integrated into the system and my ROM creator doesn't care to remove the spyware features. Its already now pretty common among CM users to download gapps onto their phones, even though its illegal, imagine the pressure from the community if the devs removed a spyware component from the open source part that rendered 90% of all apps unusable.

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