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by NotInHere (#48181127) Attached to: JavaScript and the Netflix User Interface

That "somebody" is W3C. And if Microsoft doesn't implement it in their internet explorer, the fact that it is a "standard interface" is not the fault of "browser vendors", but of microsoft. and browser vendors (even microsoft) have aligned their js implementations.

So yes, there is no "generally accepted" standard interface, when you define "generally accepted" as being runnable on IE8. But when you can afford to say to your users "get a modern browser" (still don't understand why google discontinued their chrome frame), you can use that standard interface. In the meantime, you can write in HTML5 and provide a flash fallback, there are lots of good libraries that provide you with such a solution without much effort from you.

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You are right in principle. All it takes is to make the browser a real VM environment with security guarantees, a standardized interface, etc. But that is not going to happen anytime soon,

... because the standardized interface has already happened, or is happening:

The fact that browsers have such a large userbase, and its incredibly easy to make browsers execute potentially evil javascript, js is one of the most secure and best sandboxed languages that exist, that is still powerful. OK there are things as canvas tracking, and webgl shaders. But show me something that supports truly secure accelerated graphics.

When I run my browser, I choose which file to upload. A program running on my computer can read every file I can read. When an application wants to access my webcam, it asks me. On the desktop the application simply accesses my webcam. On you can even write a keylogger without having extra privileges.

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First JVM is not language-specific:
Second, javascript can be the compile target of LLVM bytecode. You can compile your favourite C program to js. See emscripten:
Third, javascript has a very fast but still backwards compatible bytecode like subset called asm.js:
asm.js can be set as target for emscripten. The browsers supporting asm.js simply JIT it to bytecode, and those which don't still can run asm.js, but way slower.

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is for me that it isn't interoperable. Please correct me when I'm wrong, but AFAIK systemd never did anything to create standards their new functionality is compatible with. Instead they only support linux APIs. I recognize that their needs exceed POSIX, but their current approach "lets make everything a hard dependency" is -to be polite- hacky. It doesn't have to be an official ISO standard, a simple document that ensures exchangeability of components inside systemd, and perhaps even makes systemd cross-platform.

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