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Comment: Re:Memorizing site-unique passwords isn't possible (Score 1) 255

by NotInHere (#49352195) Attached to: Generate Memorizable Passphrases That Even the NSA Can't Guess

The U2F project is one of the really good things google did. I hope it becomes successful. I hate mobile phone "2 factor" authentification because you give them basically your identity, its hard to work with (entering weird numbers?!), and relies on 3rd parties (telcos, security of the mobile network).

Comment: Re:respectfully disagree (Score 1) 78

by NotInHere (#49235483) Attached to: Why We Need Free Digital Hardware Designs

Free software isn't about cheapness, its about freedom. Nobody restricts me to improve the tools I have, and everybody is invited to. Also, nobody restricts me to pay for it, and fund development. If all those companies and offices around the world would pay the half of what they give to microsoft for {libre, open} office, it would be the best product you can get.
What is your work worth when your company goes bankrupt, and your work doesn't get used anymore? When the company is bought by a larger competitor, the product you developed comes into the trashbin, your customers are told to use the larger company's product, and you are fired?

Comment: Re:Number of legal positions (Score 1) 186

by NotInHere (#49212743) Attached to: Number of Legal 18x18 Go Positions Computed; 19x19 On the Horizon

Make it right before you make it faster.