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Comment: From Cool Tools (Score 1) 695 695

Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools recently had a write up at regarding Generac Guardian Automatic Standby Generator. It is more detailed than I could be on the subject. The most import thing is making sure that the generator output (kW/hr) is greater than your probable consumption during a blackout. When determining which systems will run off the generator, consider other creature comforts, such as running the hot-water heater and some/all of the electrical outlets in the kitchen (for charging cell phones, making coffee, etc.); however, such additions will add to consumption calculation.

Comment: More Information at (Score 4, Informative) 1046 1046

More information about AACS's (Access Content System Licensing Administrator, LLC) take down notices can be found at:

and specifically: otice.cgi?NoticeID=7180

They give an example of AACS's take down notices and pretty good legal analysis of its contents.

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