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Comment Card Fraud (Score 1) 130

Considering I just had 2 fraudulent purchases made online to the total of $2850 to my American Express card I welcome anything secure and not tied to my card number. Despite never losing or having my card stolen I've had to replace my card multiple times in the past few years. After a while it starts to get old.

Comment Re:same boat as you (Score 1) 433

The FSU program is accredited by ABET and is the same program that on campus students take. I just completed it myself as my second degree in August. The instructors all seemed to be very responsive to student questions. Almost all courses included a graduate student who acted as a teaching assistant who could respond to student questions and provide assistance when the instructor was not available.

I can't say how it compares to other university programs. I also can't say how well it would prepare a student for a career in the field. I had been working as a software developer for 10 years when I decided to "upgrade" my minor in CS to a B.S. (Original degree was Applied Mathematics). As someone who was already familiar with most of the subject material I found it to be a fairly easy program. Other students seemed to find it more challenging.

Comment Florida State University (Score 1) 433

You have to already have an Associates degree, but FSU offers an online program. It is the same program that their on campus students take and the program is accredited by ABET.

FSU Computer Science

If you decide to choose it, be careful, FSU has a more stringent foreign language policy than some other universities in the state university system of Florida. All degrees require 3 semesters of a foreign language or appropriate scores on a CLEP test.

Comment Three year old prodigy? (Score 1) 537

Sounds like the 3 year old in question is either a prodigy, or someone is exaggerating. Most 3 year old children don't know how to read to be able to use a computer. The child is either a prodigy who can read by the age of 3, or they are associating pictures they're used to seeing on a tablet to get to their games. They don't use a computer like an adult for all the same purposes. He or she simply wants to get to a game to play.

Comment Re:There is but one question from Microsoft. (Score 1) 244

They could also kiss most sales they would have to the US Department of Defense goodbye. Any PC on a secured classified network would not have access to the internet to get to an app store. Software for processing classified data or software that is itself classified or is subject to export restrictions would never be allowed by the government onto an app store.

Comment Re:Not so good (Score 2) 66

As a scuba diver I have to say, the experience is not the same. Static images don't give you enough information or the same feel as being there in person. You can't see (or experience) a cleaning station from pictures. You can't experience the sensation of floating in mid-water while watching a shark swim back and forth around a reef below you. You can't hear the sounds, feel the water.

What it does do is give people the ability to see something that they may otherwise never experience in person. Never a bad thing.

Comment Re:Sounds Like a Hoax Right Up Until You Read the (Score 1) 362

The point is more to why a professional violinist usually tends towards older instruments rather than newer ones. If a violinist can find an older violin in the range between $40,000 - $100,000 range that they like, chances are they would purchase that one before they would buy a newer instrument that costs the same. Also a good number of the highly regarded luthiers have a waiting list of over a year or more for new instruments.

The fact is that most professional violinists cannot afford an instrument that costs as much as a Strad or a del Gesu. Those instruments tend to be purchased for private collections or by organizations that loan high quality instruments to promising musicians. The few violinists that do own an instrument like that are very highly paid concert soloists.

Comment Re:Sounds Like a Hoax Right Up Until You Read the (Score 4, Interesting) 362

There is one key thing that people tend to forget when these kinds of test results come out. As the wood in the violin ages its sound will change. After about 300 years or so (the average age of a Strad) the sound won't change much. With a new violin (average cost for a handmade one by an expert lutier being around $20,000) you have no way of knowing how the sound will change as it ages. Sure it might sound good today, but what happens in 10 years as the wood ages? There are violins made by Stradivarius that don't sound good because the wood didn't age well, and he was known to experiment with his instrument design a bit (for example the Chanot-Chardon Stradivarius violin is guitar shaped). That same problem could happen to a modern made violin leaving the musician out the price of a small car and a nearly worthless instrument. Safer to buy an older instrument that has had time to age.

And on another note chances are if anyone buys a $100 violin they've bought a cheap poorly setup piece of junk that is almost unplayable.

Comment Re:It's a cost/benefit thing (Score 2) 495

Even good coders make mistakes. There can be various reasons for this, maybe someone was suffering from insomnia the night before and their mental processing is slower. Maybe they were working on a part of a project and there are integration issues in their code between a part of the project that they were not as familiar with.

Not every issue in code can be found by peer review, and not every issue in code can be found by testing. A good team has a combination of good coders, good peer reviews, and good testing. You need all of that (and more) for a good project. Good coders are not everything. Nor should they have an ego about their code. A good coder should realize that everybody makes mistakes, even themselves.

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