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Comment: Re:Gawd, I love that man (Score 1) 63

by smitty_one_each (#48614097) Attached to: Dick "Smitty" Cheney
It's quite blatantly obvious that you've never deployed, much less served, in the military.
While service members take a generally libertarian view of what people are getting up to in private, the actual business of being in a military unit is surprisingly sex-free. The co-ed nature of line units is a policy decision foisted by Progressives.
There is a distinction to be drawn between racial integration, which makes massive sense, and co-ed units, which add zero (0) combat value to units.
If you took a truly anonymous survey of our military, I predict you'd find a plurality that, while freely admitting that they serve with some excellent ladies (I know I did) would still taper off their participation to a minimum. Because you Don't. Win. Wars. With. Social. Engineering.
Then again, our contemporary policy doesn't seem to be about winning wars. So keep the ladies around, I guess.

Comment: Supernormal Stimuli & The Pleasure Trap (Score 4, Informative) 84

by Paul Fernhout (#48613843) Attached to: Brain Stimulation For Entertainment?
"Harvard psychologist Deirdre Barrett argues that supernormal stimulation govern the behavior of humans as powerfully as that of animals. In her 2010 book, Supernormal Stimuli: How Primal Urges Overran Their Evolutionary Purpose,[9] she examines the impact of supernormal stimuli on the diversion of impulses for nurturing, sexuality, romance, territoriality, defense, and the entertainment industry's hijacking of our social instincts. In the earlier book, Waistland,[2] she explains junk food as an exaggerated stimulus to cravings for salt, sugar, and fats and television as an exaggeration of social cues of laughter, smiling faces and attention-grabbing action. Modern artifacts may activate instinctive responses which evolved in a world without magazine centerfolds or double cheeseburgers, where breast development was a sign of health and fertility in a prospective mate, and fat was a rare and vital nutrient. ..."
"An abundance of food, by itself, is not a cause of health problems. But modern technology has done more than to simply make food perpetually abundant. Food also has been made artificially tastier. Food is often more stimulating than ever before--as the particular chemicals in foods that cause pleasure reactions have been isolated--and artificially concentrated. These chemicals include fats (including oils), refined carbohydrates (such as refined sugar and flour), and salt. Meats were once consumed mostly in the form of wild game--typically about 15% fat. Today's meat is a much different product. Chemically and hormonally engineered, it can be as high as 50% fat or more. Ice cream is an extraordinary invention for intensifying taste pleasure--an artificial concoction of pure fat and refined sugar. Once an expensive delicacy, it is now a daily ritual for many people. French fries and potato chips, laden with artificially-concentrated fats, are currently the most commonly consumed "vegetable" in our society. As Dr. Fuhrman reports in his excellent volume Eat to Live, these artificial products, and others like them, comprise a whopping 93% American diet. Our teenage population, for example, consumes up to 25% of their calories in the form of soda pop!
    Most of our citizenry can't imagine how it could be any other way. To remove (or dramatically reduce) such products from America's daily diet seems intolerable--even absurd. Most people believe that if they were to do so, they would enjoy their food--and their lives--much less. Indeed, most people believe that they would literally suffer if they consumed a health-promoting diet devoid of such indulgences. But, it is here that their perception is greatly in error. The reality is that humans are well designed to fully enjoy the subtler tastes of whole natural foods, but are poorly equipped to realize this fact. And like a frog sitting in dangerously hot water, most people are being slowly destroyed by the limitations of their awareness. ..."

Comment: Re:Gawd, I love that man (Score 1) 63

by smitty_one_each (#48612167) Attached to: Dick "Smitty" Cheney

I stated before that GWB would have eventually signed off on the abolition of DADT in the military.

I stand in admiration of your capacity to Make Stuff Up, then treat your own utterances as received wisdom, e.g. "Obama is a conservative President".
You are Teh Man.
Meanwhile, where is the next installment of Karl's Folly?

If entropy is increasing, where is it coming from?