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Comment: Re:Boardgames ...evil... (Score 1) 223 223

or Risk, where are the protester's over the game Risk, the game build around WORLD DOMINATION, oh the evils of someone pretending to take over the entire world but slaughtering millions of your opponents army men. I've killed more people in a single game of Risk then every single call of duty/halo game combined.

Comment: Re:bad analogy (Score 1) 223 223

sorry, but you can't have it both ways. you can't say video game A causes people to be violent, but video game B does not. Either video games effect people or they do not. If you claim that CoD makes people want to shoot people, then you HAVE to say farmville makes people want to farm. You cant say a domino's pizza makes you full, and a pappa jon's pizza makes you even hungrier. they are both food, they both go in the stomach, they just taste different.

Comment: Re:Sager (Score 1) 570 570

It is nothing more then the bastard offspring of a desktop and tablet oses, and it does neither well, particularly on a non touch screen.

So you are saying that the desktop environment does not function well, when it is 99.999% identical to windows 7, then you go on to recommend windows 7. Something here does not compute.

Comment: Re:So what now? (Score 1) 1110 1110

As far as i can tell it's more like 1/3 like windows 8 1/3 like windows 8 sans metro UI and about 1/3 are complaining about it for a myriad of reasons. Best advice i could give you is to just give it a real, unbiased chance. Cannot guarantee you will love/hate it, but a lot of the metro hate really is being completely overblown.

Comment: Re:Great Comments about Windows 8 (Score 1) 1110 1110

how can windows 8 be so completely unusable for content creation when looking at the desktop it is a near 1:1 copy of windows 7. any content you can create on 7 you can create on windows 8. windows 8 start menu just looks and works a little different then the one in windows 7.

Comment: Re:Stupid People (Score 1) 1110 1110

Most of these comments are from stupid people who either (1) work for micro$oft or (2) wish they did. Why is it fashionable to say 'OH NO! He's negative! He's wrong!" Oh QQ and STFU. Windows 8 sucks and so do most of you.

here i fixed this for you. Most of these comments are from stupid people who either (1) work for Mcdonalds or (2) wish they did. Why is it fashionable to say "OH NO! windows 8 is the worst even though I've never used it" Windows 8 is great and most of you are just being giant manchildren and or riding the anit-win8 bandwagon because it's oh so cool.

Comment: Re:the short version of this (Score 1) 1110 1110


If you think the measure of things is how a 3 year old does them then i would suggest your choices are a bit different beginning with say your underwear,

But that video linked earlier is NOT about how a 3 year old does thing, it is showing how EASY it is to use, and learn your way through a few new changes to a UI. It shows how completely hyperbolic these "adults" are when they claim that windows 8 is UNUSABLE. The fact is they are extremely anal retentive and have yet to give windows 8 a real unbiased chance.

Comment: Re:merto apps need to be able to run in a window / (Score 1) 1110 1110

Metro apps are designed to be very simple, quick full screen apps. if you want to "work" you would not be doing so through a metro app. you would use a real software program witch would not run through metro and thus it would works 100% the same as windows 7. you can have 500 windows open side by side if you wish.

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