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Comment Re:Recipe For Disaster (Score 1) 199

This isn't the first time they had it in these buildings, they've had it there since 2001, twice every year. Winter and summer. I've been there every winter from 2001 to 2008. After that I lost interest because every year they did less and less things for us scene-people. I'm pretty sure the buildings are wired up for this by now.

Comment US cellphone business sucks (Score 1) 555

Tethering has always been free in Sweden, I've been using it since like 2001 or something. We have the same cellphone network standard in not only Sweden but the whole EU as far as I know. I even know two competitive operators here in Sweden (Tele2 and Telia) that share the same network for 3G (called Sweden3G). We also don't have branded phones, most of our phones are sold unlocked and can be used with any operator you like. etc I feel sorry for you.

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