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Comment: What we have hear is a failure to communicate... (Score 1) 284

by NoExQQ (#37017684) Attached to: 8 Ways To Circumvent the PROTECT-IP Act
How many times in any given week do I have to troubleshoot a network where the end user says "My Internet is down!" and it's a DNS related issue? Bottom line is that while the web is celebrating it's 20 year anniversary, we have an overwhelming population who don't understand how it works. It's that same population who has learned the absolute basics of downloading copyrighted music and movies for free. Search software brings up lists to download, installed software plays it. Idiot proof. So while we may read about 8 ways to bypass, I question how many people or incapable of using these ways and, if this DNS block won't actually reduce the usage substantially.

Comment: I think this data is all wrong (Score 2) 90

by NoExQQ (#36715782) Attached to: Zeroing In On the Internet's 'Evil Cities'
I could very easily hire a spam group out of any one of these countries to push my malware out for profit but who is really "evil"? The companies in foreign countries that offer the service or the people who hire them? My guess is if we were to follow the money it would lead us to very different places.

Comment: ERP CRM KISS WTF? (Score 1) 138

by NoExQQ (#35936788) Attached to: ERP Vendors Get Into Medical Marijuana Business
I happen to work with a few people who have "The Card". Getting them to fill in the blanks on a CRM is hard enough. The idea of resource management is not even in the picture! The technology won't help this industry. The quality of the product will result in "Right Pricing" and the consumer is already aware...

Comment: This is just wrong! (Score 1) 198

by NoExQQ (#35467568) Attached to: China Switching To Home-Grown Chips For Supercomputers
Not because of anything tech or truly /. related but I am a Detroit native and this is no different than saying we will no longer use Honda's. Honda factories are here in the US just like Intel and AMD are in China. Maybe even worse since there is a good chance the manufacturing processes were Intel inspired unlike the fact that Honda has an assembly line.

Comment: The answer should be simple (Score 1) 826

by NoExQQ (#35115916) Attached to: Is Setting Up an Offshore IT Help Desk Ethical?
History repeats itself. I have lived my entire life, worked, and raised a family in the "Motor City". If for even a moment you think it's OK to send or create jobs outside the US then you really don't have a grip on our current economic climate or an understanding of the ramifications of that process.

Comment: Personal calls vs. work related service (Score 1) 738

by NoExQQ (#34855628) Attached to: Jerry Brown Confiscates 48,000 Cell Phones
I really am glad that I am a believer that VoIP will change some of this but in the mean time I am now on a very simple business phone is a cell phone, I, as your employer have given you this for work purposes. Each month you will receive a detailed bill. Please highlight your personal expenditures and make payment to the human resources department. This has resulted in me spending about 15 minutes per month editing my bill. I'm happy I didn't have to get into a contract and buy a phone. My employer is happy because they are providing me with a perk but not getting taken for a ride. Seems fair to me.

Comment: Re:Too little, too late... (Score 1) 406

by NoExQQ (#34624452) Attached to: Military Pressuring Vendors On IPv6
The funny part is that if the top level peers said on date X we will only route IPv6 packets and the top level DNS root servers said on date X we will only respond to IPv6 queries, the net result would be an increase in job opportunities for small to mid level tech service companies. Sure, many ISP's would have to work to handle the change as well but in general I see it as an win / win. Perhaps if the government was serious about all this they would even throw monies to the states to cover the increased associated IT costs to get state services compliant. There are many positives that would come out of an IPv6 mandate.

Comment: Only an escaltion of the ongoing game (Score 2) 124

by NoExQQ (#34595344) Attached to: Carrier Trick To Save IPv4 Could Help Spammers
Having been intimately involved with spammers over the years I can say that this change will only escalate the ongoing game of use / burn / blacklist / move on. Yes, more poor commercial entities will unknowingly and unwillingly have to call in Wally the IT guy to help them get off some blacklist somewhere so their mail will flow, but in the grand scheme this will not change the processing power of the mail bots or tilt the scales in a significant manor. IMHO.

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