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Comment: Re:flat as a pancake: invasion pending (Score 0) 233

by Njorthbiatr (#49768385) Attached to: Microsoft Tries Another Icon Theme For Windows 10

Yeah stupid people making UIs for end-users and not for programmers!

I'm sure graphic designers have a load to complain about how you're incompetent too, while we're at it. Show me a bad metro UI by a graphic designer and I can show you an awful UI by a programmer. The opposites of this are also true. It's almost as though you'd have to work together as a team to produce something that's simple, clean, aesthetically pleasing, intuitive, and functional! But actually communicating what you need to a non-programmer? The horror!

GUIs are the way of the future and the metro style is here to stay. But if you don't like that you're welcome to go play around on COBOL or something.

Comment: Re:Gates and Zuckerbergs Vision for America (Score 2, Insightful) 249

It's strange that businesses oppose raising wages. It's like the prisoner's dilemma and everyone wants to screw everyone else over.

Look, you'll pad profits for a short while (maybe), but in the long run it's detrimental to the entire economy since the bulk of the population ends up with less spending power. If corporations were forced to pay their workers fair rates everyone would benefit.

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