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Comment: Re:Lies, bullshit, and more lies ... (Score 3) 442

I just saw this job position on /.

"Senior .NET Developer

Qualified candidates will have experience with most of the following technologies:ASP.net, C# (or VB.NET) SQL ServerSQL Reporting Services MVC Architecture JavaScriptAJAX XML

Salary: 45-65k"

I almost died laughing.

Comment: Re:It's the cloud (Score 0) 146

by Njorthbiatr (#49421899) Attached to: The New Struggles Facing Open Source

It really sounds more like you're suffering from a case of bad management, so I'll let you vent. Nothing sucks quite as bad as being set up to fail because the guys above you treat you like some robot that thinks you can magically fix any technical problem just by throwing you at it.

Look there's a lot about MS that I'll call their bullshit on. For instance, how they managed to break the start menu in the technical preview of W10, then fixed it, then broke it but allowed a registry fix, but then removed the fix for some inexplicable reason. It seriously boggles my mind that someone could be put in charge of this.

I don't hear a lot of great stuff about Windows Server, either.

But Nadella is just proving to be highly competent in pushing MS's direction, so in that case we'll see.

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