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Comment Re:I know people will go crazy over this idea.... (Score 1) 278

I actually was in a free lunch program so I know all the hoops we had to jump through just to get it.

Someone who could afford a BMW wouldn't make it there. All these stories about people on foodstamps driving Mercedes are largely myths. Even if there are a handful of people who do exploit the system, it's not as rampant as mister, "Too many parents driving new cars to pick up their kids who get free lunches!"

What's ridiculous is that stigmatizing attitude against the poor. The last thing they need is some moron claiming that they're stealing all the money when really they're just trying to survive in a broken system.

Comment Re:If you did not pay for the product, you are one (Score 0) 578

The same people who call Windows 10 Spyware tend to be the same people who are perfectly okay with using an android phone or have a far less overblown reaction to Google.

As for the ads in Windows 10, you can disable it by right clicking the ad and selecting, "Don't show ads again."

Comment Re:If you did not pay for the product, you are one (Score 2, Insightful) 578

And when Google does it, it's a-okay.

How about you guys quit being hypocrites and insisting every end-user must be using linux and be proficient in bash or other forms of masochism.

MS keeps getting unfairly tossed under the bus, again and again and again.

"Oh they're tracking me if I don't opt to disable most of it! Wow look at this friggin' piece of spyware!"
"Oh they're giving me non-invasive ads in my software! Might as well be adware!"

It's also the case that people simultaneously gripe about how underpaid coders are while wanting free products for everything. How the hell do you expect MS to pay its coders? "Oh here you can try working for us for free, and if we really appreciate you we'll give you some donations."

Don't bitch about Windows when you're using an Android device. Like seriously.

And if you're one of those people that doesn't and genuinely cares about your privacy and such, then good for you. I'm happy you practice what you preach. But that doesn't mean everyone has to do it your way. I'm perfectly willing to give some company some personal data so long as it's used responsibly.

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