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Comment: Re:Age and quality. (Score 1) 443

by Nithendil (#30408448) Attached to: Slashdot Turns 100,000

The problem is the editors are still horrible. It is one thing to fuck up technology information, it is another when you butcher a health article by mentioning an amino acid that has nothing to do with the paper or study abstract.

Comment: Re:Not for teens anymore? (Score 0, Offtopic) 138

by Nithendil (#30408100) Attached to: Judges Can't "Friend" Lawyers in Florida

Everyone is on Facebook. Even my mom and all of her friends. I only reluctantly signed up because all of my friends were on there. The reason I found it tolerable is because you don't really have to put much effort into it if you don't want to, and I don't post compromising information. Then an ex-girlfriend found me and sent me a six page email of her feelings and I realized what I had gotten myself into. Sometimes it is better to just disappear.

Comment: Re:Slow ads... (Score 1) 387

by Nithendil (#30277220) Attached to: Are Ad Servers Bogging Down the Web?

Sounds ads are the main reason I stopped using Chrome. I don't mind the advertisements themselves but I cannot tolerate sound based ads. Apparently the developer version of Chrome has a working flashblock but doesn't.

In addition there has to be a solution between having to choose noscript (which makes the internet just plain annoying to use) and having a browser that is happy to do anything any website requests of it (e.g. flash cookies).

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