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Journal: Subscription

Journal by Ninwa
Purchased a 1,000 page subscription for the hell of it. I've been using Slashdot for years, I suppose its time to support it a smidge.

Journal: OCA/OCP Ninwa

Journal by Ninwa
Passed the oracle 1z0-007 today, which means that at seventeen years of age, I'm officially an OCA/OCP. It almost sounds weird, but it's Oracle Certified Associate/Professional. More at my blog . It's exciting to have obtained my first real certification, and even more so to be the first in the history of the class (5 Years Now) to ever pass it (with a few points to spare!)
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Journal: My Randomizer

Journal by Ninwa
It was inspired by someone elses signature who said the same thing. So if you're that person, sorry I've forgotten your user id, but it was inspired by you! :]

A CONS is an object which cares. -- Bernie Greenberg.