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Comment: Re:Don't care (Score 1) 711

by Nineteen-Delta (#40696001) Attached to: Microsoft Office 2013 Not Compatible With Windows XP, Vista
Me neither. XP and office 2003 is what I started with. Served fine up until now. - In the old days, a mouthful of berries and your hand on a cave wall would suffice. Now that we've learned to write, MS want you to have a construction company build a monstrous erection in order for you to blow juice over your hand and onto the wall beyond..... Madness!

Comment: Re:So goes a once-talented filmmaker (Score 1) 325

by Nineteen-Delta (#36894606) Attached to: Lucas Loses Star Wars Stormtrooper Copyright Case
Still a talented filmmaker, though maye a bit faded now. - But he wrote for a child and young-adult audience. He succeeded. Yes it was a mistake to wait so many years between making the original trilogy and the prequels. Much as I'm no fan of JK Rowling and the Harry Potter frnachise, the films and the books and the characters more-or less kept pace with the target audience. If Lucas had used his influence to do that, then we might have an epic franachinse by now. - Ask a 7-year old how good the prequel trilogy are or the Clone Wars animations. They're the target audience, much as we were a long, long time ago....

Comment: Re:What I want to know.... (Score 1) 159

Actually the tapes of old programmes were erased to be recycled. At the time there was a considerable cost to buy and archive. These days though, storage for digital media are mere fractions of the cost. - One would imagine a reasonable sized hard drive could archive thousands of webpages, and with a bit of tech know-how take no more than a few hours to set up and copy everything. - Job done.

Comment: Re:They need prvate contractors (Score 1) 149

by Nineteen-Delta (#34950546) Attached to: UK ID Card Scheme Data Deleted For £400K
That's where all the taxpayer money goes. - half to set up the comittee to decide, then 7/16ths to find contractors to tender for the job. Then the last few thousand actually gets spent on the labour of destrying the data - which would fit on a few hard drives at most, it goes in the crusher, and job is done in ten minutes. Its about time that someone responsible did the job themselves, and saved £400,000 - you could even do it by destrying the data and preserving the media, so the drives can be recycled.

Comment: how does this help? (Score 3, Interesting) 317

by Nineteen-Delta (#34913412) Attached to: How Europe Will Lower Emissions — Self Driving Cars
I cant see how this helps drive down emissions if all the people of Europe - and the world for that matter start driving everywhere, whereas before they were too old, too young, are disqualified, or hadn't passd their test. If the 50% of people who don't drive now take to the roads, dosn't that mean twice as many cars on them? Besides, if the car's on autopilot, why not get in and be driven 1,000 miles instead af a couple of hundred- that's already five times the journey length!

Comment: minutes matter (Score 0) 279

by Nineteen-Delta (#34626860) Attached to: <em>Minecraft</em> Reaches Beta Status, Price Goes Up
Does anyone want me to _vaguely promise_ to supply them with some lego blocks? - I can take pre-orders for only $10 / My swiss bank account number is....34568q35689uyq35698uy. -Blocks to follow sometime...... But if you paid and it turns out to be vapour-ware do you have any recourse?

Comment: Don't bank on it (Score 1) 198

by Nineteen-Delta (#34534652) Attached to: Google Seeking "Search Without Search"
I suppose it can predict the winning numbers if I'm daydreaming of a lotttery win, and fire up my computer. My family use the same PC for quite different things. Until Google can tell who is who, you'll be getting search results for your kid's homework, and they'll be getting results for extreme origami- or whatever you are into. I can see the future: Always in motion....

Comment: North sea oil (Score 2) 89

by Nineteen-Delta (#34497934) Attached to: Chevron Got North Sea Contract Despite IT Safety Crashes
Oil deposits in the North sea have been propping up the British economy for decades now. While the UK is facing a big deficit, and getting stung by other economies in the Eurozone looking wobbly, they'd probably overlook a few things to get their hands on the money. -So much for a 'greener' coalition!

Never worry about theory as long as the machinery does what it's supposed to do. -- R. A. Heinlein