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+ - Is Warp Speed next? Experimental jet hits Mach 10->

Submitted by
Raver32 writes "An experimental jet engine has been successfully tested at speeds of up to 11,000 kilometres an hour — 10 times the speed of sound — during trials in Australia's outback, military scientists said on Friday. The experimental scramjet engine is an air-breathing supersonic combustion engine being developed by Australian and U.S. scientists that researchers hope will lead to super-high-speed flight. Scientists from Australia's Defence Science and Technology Organisation and the U.S. Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) used a conventional rocket to launch the scramjet high above the Woomera test site. The engine was then tested as it reached speeds of Mach 10."
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+ - Your web cam may have you on Candid Camera->

Submitted by debest
debest (471937) writes "So, you're looking to buy yourself a wireless web cam. Better make sure it's never been used before! Someone purchased this Linksys camera from an office supply retail store and was using it for months, not knowing that someone else had already purchased it, returned it, then started receiving emails from the new owners of the camera that included attachments of the new family's activities. Apparently the first guy configured the camera to email himself a video whenever it detected motion, but didn't clear the settings before returning it. The new owners had no idea that the camera had been configured to do this. Since he had no idea who the new owner was, he gets the story on national television news. Seems they discovered the family since the story went up."
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Hardware Hacking

+ - 5 USB Thumb-Drive Software Tricks

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Want to run software off of your thumb-drive without using Sandisk's proprietary U3 platform? Then see Put Your USB Drive To Work: 5 Strategies For Going Mobile. The tips, of middling but useful technical intensity, include where to get robust encryption for your thumb drive for free (hint: Try TrueCrypt); where to find free application suites and individual apps (try the OperaUSB browser); and how to run a standalone operating system off your USB drive. For the latter, the article shows how to use BartPE, a utility that builds a copy of Windows's Preinstallation Environment from an existing Windows install. With tools like this, do you think USB drives are about to finally fulfill their promise as mobile repositories which make the concept of maintaining separate PCs at different locations obsolete?"
GNU is Not Unix

+ - Bash Prompt Functions->

Submitted by
sumynuguy writes "One of theneat things a user can do on Unix is play around with the Bourne Again Shell (bash). An even more interesting thing is how the environment can be tweaked to a particular user's preference. In this text a look at how the Bash prompt can be manipulated by inserting commands and even shell code functions directly into the prompt itself."
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