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Comment: Re:Im all for human rights... (Score 1) 1482

by Nikker (#46635543) Attached to: OKCupid Warns Off Mozilla Firefox Users Over Gay Rights
Why not? If I start a campaign saying everyone should do %X then why should I not be able to? In reality most people have a common set of beliefs, whether it be about sex, violence or rock and roll. If someone starts a fund or other wise attempts to gather people into a strict belief more times than not they just come to the sad realization they are doing this because of their own short comings. Look at Westboro Baptist Church, they have fewer than 100 members, with all the media they get they should get more right? No! Because they are nut jobs, out of 9 Billion people only 100 show up and put something in the collection plate.

Sometimes people try to justify themselves by influencing those around them, when that is not enough they usually just huddle up with the few that have similar issues and recluse themselves. Now with all the government surveillance the chances of one of these groups coming back and messing it up for the rest of us isn't likely, they just go pound sand.

My belief is just that people with similar delusions will eventually find each other so let them, it's likely therapeutic.

Comment: Re:Unsurprising ... (Score 2) 300

Facebook won't last that long. I know they have cash in the bank but even they see it. They buy WhatsApp not because they never thought of making a SMS like app or integrate it into their stuff, they want the head count. Facebook was cool to my generation because you could check out all the people you knew from years gone by but it is like any popular hangout or bar, eventually people will buy their beer somewhere else.

When you or anyone else here was younger how many would go to hangout somewhere where their parents used to hangout? The newer netizens don't want to chat up with their friends where their baby pictures are posted, it becomes, well just lame.

They know this but for them to look strong to their share holders they need page views and a monstrous head count, the second that starts going south people will sell that paper all day long. Facebook doesn't have the legs that Microsoft does because Microsoft still has huge on going contracts to sell and support Windows. The workplace isn't going to Android / IOS anytime soon and Linux is making some slow progress but Microsoft can afford for people to hate them. Facebook just doesn't have that luxury. When their users go so will their share holders and the barrier to entry is damn low, look at WhatsApp, they have like 20 employees and a simple infrastructure.

Facebook is like the post grad that came back for extra credits and started hanging around the freshmen trying to be cool, they burn through cash trying to show off how cool they are but rarely get to re-achieve their previous self proclaimed brilliance.

Comment: Re:Autoupdate (Score 1) 194

by Nikker (#46007713) Attached to: Adware Vendors Buying Chrome Extensions, Injecting Ads
I don't feel that you made an accurate comparison. You car is made by $X manufacturer but in this case all the aftermarket addons which you have purchased at a myriad of other locations (i.e. window tint, car stereo, cup holders, car chargers) will also pop in and make their own changes.

So in this case the store that sold you your Clarion deck will stop by and fix your stereo but also leave a GPS tracker or mute your system to play their own wares.

Updating Chrome is one thing because Google doesn't want to mess with the PR nightmare when someone finds out their update streams popups like mad but some one off developer who makes a LOL Cat extension probably isn't making any money to begin with will have no problems bending one way or another for a couple of quick bucks. Both get equal say over the clock cycles on your system. Does that really make sense to you?

Comment: Re:"feeling like I had violated my patient's priva (Score 1) 231

by Nikker (#45897217) Attached to: The Other Exam Room: When Doctors 'Google' Their Patients
I don't think the result of your doctor finding out health concerns should result in a "gotchya" moment and why should it? Your doctor knows you very well in most circumstances in a medical and a social way, cornering his/her patient is always the least fruitful way of resolving an issue or helping someone.

Comment: Re:I think this isn't talking about Kickstarter (Score 1) 366

by Nikker (#45869611) Attached to: The SEC Is About To Make Crowdfunding More Expensive
What doesn't make sense about your theory is that the thresholds are so low. If this rule/law was to govern all ranges of equity then why stop the scale at $1M? That's just a drop in the bucket when you consider the $100b stakes spread regularly throughout the country.

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