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Comment Re:Classic FUD (Score 1) 373

Ever heard of people walking through parking lots "feeling" the handles one at a time? It effects everyone. If someone was able to take these exploits and run it from their backpack they would just work faster and bring more people. Walk around until the lights blink, open and go, quick money really.

Comment Re:Seriously ? (Score 1) 123

Why is it that "Putting it online" is a thing? Putting something important like this over the Internet is really just negligence. The kind of data these companies need would sit beautifully over a dial up connection over POTS(not VOIP of course). This would save a large amount of troubleshooting when it goes down and avoids the Internet all together.

So actually sending the data via telephone lines save labor, lowers costs and will cause zero problems (if of course postulating over the internet could confirm this Zero problem hypothesis).

Comment Re: mmm 4k content (Score 1) 100

Sounds like you're talking about vector drawings like Inkscape and the svg format. PNG is mostly used in raster images which include a list of hex values. To minimise the complexity of the image (as mentioned above) the programming will first simplify the image, sometimes by simply averaging similar values over an area of the image then gets fed to a compression routine that substitutes those averaged values with symbols(I.e ten 'x's become "x10" or something similar). SVG and vector images have the same hex, describing line segments, curves and colours.

Comment Re:Smaller Is Better (Score 1) 99

Those aircraft only look to be 100Lbs max. A jet coming at a wall of these things would push those drones around like the toys they are. Maybe out of sheer luck you could bring a jet down. If each had some sort of explosive that would be triggered by the jets wake it would be more likely but clouding the sky and hoping for the best doesn't really seem that likely.

Comment Re:Great! (Score 4, Insightful) 79

This is merely a waltz for the public. China knows what they are getting into with Alibaba, the ability to take what they have lying around and sidestep having to find someone else sell it for them. Right now China basically manufactures for the world but they sell at small margins so that resellers / contractors sell the goods at a markup to the rest of the world. Alibaba gives a chance to sell directly to the consumer. The Chinese government wants Alibaba to seem strong willed so "The West" builds confidence in buying their stuff. In reality most of what Alibaba sells is leftovers and over runs.

I personally don't think China would leave something this public to chance, most of Alibaba's backers are the who's who of Chinese nationals and Chinese mainland (which the govt controls) makes everything Alibaba sells. It's hard to picture Alibaba being as rogue as they put on.

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 158

It makes sense for Microsoft to bide their time until they can just run everything on an X86. Why when Intel is only a couple of years away from making a (barely) suitable tablet processor would they commit to 2 architectures. Microsoft knows the tablet/portable arena is the way forward and the PC is just the bread that sops up the gravy, if they wait it out a bit they will have 1 install base rather than ARM vs X86.

Comment Re: Sounds like a planned PR stunt to me. (Score 1) 622

I think the interesting thing is if there are ever any laws passed that deal with personal data cloud providers would go out of business out of fear of being hacked. We've sold ourselves so cheap if "personal data" ever becomes a thing, most of the internet would collapse. Well maybe not Wikipedia. But the rest of it for sure.

Comment Re:They may still hire you (Score 2) 580

Exactly. It's a little convenient that the FBI is spilling the beans when they are about to interview a bunch of interns. They just want to spread the word and turn up the heat on these guys before the big day. I bet a choice few will be sweating buckets behind the desk when the day comes. The chances of them being able to staff more than a hand full of people that have never downloaded a MP3 in the Napster / Bittorrent era is just not going to happen. It's also an advantage of staffing people that know the culture.

But I digress.... Good luck guys!

Comment Re:Still not actually open (Score 1) 56

Something as an obfuscated driver will definitely not stop a major competitor unmasking processing units in a lab. That is what they do to their own hardware to troubleshoot, throwing the latest Nvidia or PoverVR across the same desk would be trivial. The blob will likely never go away. What ever the hardware is really capable of we may never know but any group can set up a kick starter to do the same unmasking, for the right price.

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