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You hire someone to check it in and out.

Wish I had mod points for a 5-digit uid reply which should have been obvious to the OP.

As mentioned below, surely there can be a work-study position funded for an inventory clerk. I'm sure there are already people being paid to check-in/check-out books & videos at the library or equipment at the gym/fitness center.

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by Nightwraith (#37973182) Attached to: Why Do So Many College Science Majors Drop Out?

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I was fortunate enough to attend a college prep school. A number of classes had homework counted as the number of problems you attempted, but was NOT included in your grade. Some folks lied, others would say they attempted 0 questions. Your level of participation was usually directly related to your understanding and ease with the material.

The best college math professor I had simply asked if there were any questions about the homework that was assigned at the last class. No questions? Class dismissed.

The trick here was that the homework assigned was on NEW MATERIAL. You weren't expected to know how to do the assignment, you were expected to ATTEMPT the assignment and try to work out the process on your own and bring your questions about the process to class.

Learning needs to be an ACTIVE process. Simply attending class should not be enough to graduate.

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by Nightwraith (#37877626) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Image Recognition For Race Timing?

So many things missing from the OP's requirements like:

Must work in ALL weather conditions (fog, rain, snow, dust)
Must be accurate to 1 ms
Must identify which DRIVER is in the car as more than one person may be driving any given car, and drivers may have full face helmets
Must handle backward/spinning/sliding finishes
Must process in near realtime ( 20sec between finishes)
Must handle multiple cars on course at once (at least 3 running)
Must handle GoKarts and other strange pieces of machinery that may not have roof/hood/doors

What else is my caffeine starved brain missing?

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Ah, but how many of these other businesses are still paying their pensions? Too many simply went bankrupt or just closed up shop and the benefit recipients were told to pound sand.

Most people would be thrilled to have a pension for retirement, but most would rail against the idea that part of their benefits they EARNED were simply stripped away years later due to a cash flow problem.

Here, with this law, the problem has simply presented itself earlier in the life cycle.


One Night Stands May Be Genetic 240

Posted by samzenpus
from the getting-in-your-genes dept.
An anonymous reader writes "So, he or she has cheated on you for the umpteenth time and their only excuse is: 'I just can't help it.' According to researchers at Binghamton University, they may be right. The propensity for infidelity could very well be in their DNA. In a first of its kind study, a team of investigators led by Justin Garcia, a SUNY Doctoral Diversity Fellow in the laboratory of evolutionary anthropology and health at Binghamton University, State University of New York, has taken a broad look at sexual behavior, matching choices with genes and has come up with a new theory on what makes humans 'tick' when it comes to sexual activity. The biggest culprit seems to be the dopamine receptor D4 polymorphism, or DRD4 gene. Already linked to sensation-seeking behavior such as alcohol use and gambling, DRD4 is known to influence the brain's chemistry and subsequently, an individual's behavior."

Chip Allows Blind People To See 231

Posted by samzenpus
from the bionic-eye dept.
crabel writes "3 blind people have been implanted with a retinal chip that allowed them to see shapes and objects within days of the procedure. From the article: 'One of the patients surprised researchers by identifying and locating objects on a table; he was also able to walk around a room unaided, approach specific people, tell the time from a clock face, and describe seven different shades of gray in front of him.'"

Game Prices — a Historical Perspective 225

Posted by Soulskill
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The Opposable Thumbs blog scrutinizes the common wisdom that video games are too expensive, or that they're more expensive than they were in the past. They found that while in some cases the sticker price has increased, it generally hasn't outpaced inflation, making 2010 a cheaper time to be a gamer than the '80s and '90s. Quoting: "... we tracked down a press release putting the suggested retail price of both Mario 64 and Pilotwings 64 at $69.99. [Hal Halpin, president of the Entertainment Consumer's Association] says that the N64 launch game pricing only tells you part of the story. 'Yes, some N64 games retailed for as high as $80, but it was also the high end of a 60 to 80 dollar range,' he told Ars. 'Retailers had more flexibility with pricing back then — though they've consistently maintained that the Suggested Retail Price was/is just a guide. Adjusted for inflation, we're generally paying less now than we have historically. But to be fair, DLC isn't factored in.' He also points out all the different ways that we can now access games: you can buy a game used, rent a game, or play certain online games for free. There are multiple ways to sell your old console games, and the competition in the market causes prices to fall quickly."

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Since we cannot determine your place of residence, I'll assume you do not know of 'At-Will-Employment'.

In Indiana (and many other States), employment is 'At Will' which basically boils down to this: You or your employer may terminate the employee/employer relationship at will, with no notice, for any reason OR NO REASON AT ALL.

Legally, they can terminate your employment at anytime.

Only if you can PROVE that you were terminate due to a federally protected status (race/sex/religion/etc...) do you have any legal ground whatsoever.

Personally, I'd have to REALLY LOVE that company and the job to put up with accusations and a lack of trust that's being displayed.
This is definitely not the type of behavior that they would accept from you...

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