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Comment Re:backdoors everywhere (Score 1) 345

But then you are bringing a third party that has nothing to do with the crime the judge is pursuing into the mix

Why should Apple or Google be responsible of unlocking phones or hold the responsibility over back door access or user keys ?

What about the user's rights ? why should their own propiety be used against them ? the law gives you a protection to being pressured to testify against yourself, why shouldnt that protection be extended to a product where ppl pour their most intimate and private thoughts

Comment Crazy (Score 1) 345

The rest of the world does not like eating turds, they are not going to use US software if its embedded in spyware if they can help it, they are probably looking for alternatives right now, i very much doubt these laws will do much for your economy.

There will always be someone somewhere willing to offer that product or equivalent without the shoot-yourself-in-the-foot feature, you are actively preventing US software companies from making a desirable competing product

The inevitable ending is that US made software will quickly lose presence in the market as everyone rushes for the programs that do not happily leave a door open for spreading pictures if their junks all over the net.

Submission + - Motorola is listening

pbritt writes: Ben Lincoln was hooking up to Microsoft ActiveSync at work when
"... I made an interesting discovery about the "Android phone (a Motorola Droid X2) which I was using at the time: it was silently sending a considerable amount of sensitive information to Motorola, and to compound the problem, a great deal of it was over an unencrypted HTTP channel......"

To see what Moto thought they should know about Ben, see:

Submission + - Neuroscientist: First-ever Human Head Transplant is now possible ( 2

dryriver writes: Technical barriers to grafting one person’s head onto another person’s body can now be overcome, says Dr. Sergio Canavero, a member of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group. In a recent paper, Canavero outlines a procedure modeled on successful head transplants which have been carried out in animals since 1970. The one problem with these transplants was that scientists were unable to connect the animals’ spinal cords to their donor bodies, leaving them paralyzed below the point of transplant. But, says Canavero, recent advances in re-connecting spinal cords that are surgically severed mean that it should be technically feasible to do it in humans. (This is not the same as restoring nervous system function to quadriplegics or other victims of traumatic spinal cord injury.)

Comment Re:Forgotten (Score 1) 295

Yes i was thinking the same thing, the same problem is always ignored for electric cars, the way our electric grid is designed just does not support this kind of use

im guessing one possible solution would be to precharge a secondary battery in the charger slowly and then charge the battery though that not the grid, however that would be expensive and not every efficient

also you dont really need 30 seconds, 5 minutes would be good enough

Comment Re:Not a huge surprise... (Score 1) 303

agreed, however the 9.5 still sits proudly on the second place in metacritic, just check out the quote :

"A near-perfect fusion of the classic simulation game with modern social and online play elements. It is in every way the fully realized evolution of the franchise and a much welcome iteration, perfectly engineered to dispense the maximum amount of fun in the most efficient way possible. "

i want to give them credit for coming out and taking it back (regardless of the stupidity of numerical scores) but im having such a hard time doing it after reading that quote "perfectly engineered to dispense the maximum amount of fun in the most efficient way possible" ... jeez

Comment fine, fix permisions while you are at it (Score 1) 337

I dont mind this move, its perfectly understandable, what i'd like them to fix is the stupid way permissions work, now everything asks for access to everything, enough is enough if they want to keep growing as a platform they need to give the user more control by default or theyll keep forcing us to take root further to reclaim our ownership over our own freaking device

Comment Re:RTFA (Score 2) 853

Last time i checked i could turn the TV off, in fact i barely even watch TV these days these days because watching though the net, playing a game or doing anything else is a much better use of my time

I'm as tired of these sort of commercials as the next guy but i would not ban them, i feel its a personal choice and not a place for government enforcement, it opens a dangerous door for them to start telling us what we can and cannot watch, listen or read in the name of psychological health

Comment Re:What about paper bags? (Score 1) 533

Even when products are prepackaged its not always easy to open them without contaminating the interior with the exterior, like when you open cans and the liquid spills over the half removed top or when you crack an egg and some of the outer shell gets inside

you could wash the package before opening (which i do, specially for eggs, milk cartons and cans) but most ppl just dont bother or they do it only when they are visibly very dirty

also the hands that are touching the dirty packages are also going to touch the unprotected food, most ppl dont stop and go wash their hands after opening one, they do it after they finish preparing the food

Comment the big crash (Score 1) 119

I wonder what will governments say when one of these 300 bucks satellites cause a 100 thousand million satellite to get out of orbit or even an accident during a future space mission

im completely for freedom to tinker but we need to be aware of the harmful consequences of things we do might have, the trash already in space will eventually come bite us in the ass, if we are going to make more it should at least be for a good reason and not just for epen purposes

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