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Comment: Re:Poster has it wrong... (Score 3, Informative) 118

by NightRain (#30269660) Attached to: Man Arrested For <em>RuneScape</em> MMORPG Online Robbery

The reference to buying a house comes from the fact that Ricdic, the CEO of said (in game) bank that was stolen from, converted the isk he stole to real money via Real Money Trading. This part, whilst not hacking, was against the EULA of the game, and got his account banned.

His stated reason for going the RMT route was a sick child, and a mortgage debt...

Comment: Re:Online worlds FTW; online players suck. (Score 1) 209

by NightRain (#28750019) Attached to: Massively Single-Player Gaming?

I didn't comment on whether it would be a better game or not. The original comment was that you get a level of richness and depth only available to online games, and this would be better without the people.

My point is that sure, WOW might be a better game without the people, but it would be better again if it were written from the ground up as a single player game so that things your character did changed the world and the reactions of the NPCs. However large and pretty a world is, it doesn't count as rich or deep if your actions don't alter it in the slightest. That's a side of online games that is worth putting up with, because there are other people in it. Remove the other people, and that flaw becomes impossible to see past.

Comment: Re:meh. (Score 1) 118

by NightRain (#28271645) Attached to: The Rise of Originality In MMOs

Today's MMOs are like riding the subway. One path...

Assuming that was the meat of your complaint, you should try EVE or one of the very few sandbox games out there. There is no "one path" in them. There is "Ok, you're out of training, go find your own thing to do, we're not going to help you any further"

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