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Comment: Re:Don't blame math (Score 0) 371

by Nicknamename (#39834337) Attached to: The Math Formula That Lead To the Financial Crash
He was conflating two different things: Compassionate Conservatism, indeed an innovation, and indeed a bad idea (as was McCain's hypercentrist "conservatism," and is Romney's hypermoderate "conservatism"), and the aggressive pseudoempathy of the Left which is quite old, but does indeed fluctuate, unlike greed, which remains constant.

I don't get you. Some of the best comments in this thread are yours, as are some of the dullest.

Comment: Re:It is the investor's responsibility (Score -1) 371

by Nicknamename (#39834153) Attached to: The Math Formula That Lead To the Financial Crash
I see. The solution is more Statism. You, sir, are a genius and a creative thinker.

How about: no regulations, no bailouts. What??? Social Darwinism!!!Hitler It's not like that sort of environment would cause people to actually make an effort to actually make good decisions... It's just me being a Nazi by supporting the free market, like a good Nazi.

Comment: Re:Obama ate a dog. (Score -1) 182

by Nicknamename (#39833841) Attached to: Ivy Bridge Running Hotter Than Intel's Last-gen CPU
Do you even understand how a culture comes to embrace eating dog? Hint: Famine, Save Face, Save Face, Save Face! Either that, or Sadism. (And I'd like some stats for each country: dogs murdered and devoured per capita -- I'm sure you'll get right on that.)

As for being a "partner" a lot of muslims consider dog to be a dirty unclean animal.
Yes, Muslims are hateful bigots. Your point?

We cannot command nature except by obeying her. -- Sir Francis Bacon