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Comment Re:VOIP sucks. (Score 1) 426

They aren't going to switch their network to VoIP and not have backup power...

AT&T maintains 99.999999999% (yes, that's nine nines!) uptime on their POTS network (localized problems like poles being run down by trucks are something else; I'm speaking of their equipment). They are not stupid.

Comment Re:Good start. But let's boil it down. (Score 2, Insightful) 168

How many people would support paying history gradschool students to work on WikiProject: Russian History?

It's perfectly possible to be unbiased and paid for your work. I don't see why they need a new policy to deal with this - their regular NPOV policies are fine.

Comment Re:iMusic industry news (Score 1) 146

...uh...did you read the blurb?

In 1978, Apple Corps, the Beatles-founded holding company and owner of their record label, Apple Records, filed a lawsuit against Apple Computer for trademark infringement. The suit was settled in 1981 with an undisclosed amount being paid to Apple Corps.