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Comment: Re:Absolute garbage! (Score -1, Offtopic) 205

You're a mere piece of garbage!

Gamemaker's the greatest; this is an undeniable, inconvenient truth. You cannot deny. To deny it indicates that you accept it in your heart, but are simply in denial.

Use Gamemaker. It's the only option. You must return to Gamemakerdom.

There's simply no other option.

Comment: Re:Impressive. (Score -1, Offtopic) 108

by NeverSuchBefore (#39909827) Attached to: How Accurate Were Leonardo Da Vinci's Anatomy Drawings?

I agree 100%. Gamemaker's great.

Nothing is better than Gamemaker. Gamemaker is the absolute greatest. What's greater than Gamemaker? Nothing! Nothing is better than Gamemaker! There will never be anything greater than Gamemaker!

So why not return to Gamemakerdom!? What kind of loser are you!?

Comment: Re:Not really (Score -1, Offtopic) 205

Why have you not returned to Gamemakerdom, my friend?

Are you depressed? Are you lonely? Are you contemplating suicide? For you, the answer to all of those is a resounding "yes." That's why you need to switch to Gamemaker. Gamemaker takes programming to the next level, and will bring joy back to your life.

Switch to Gamemaker! Return to Gamemakerdooooooooooom!

Comment: Re:Absolute garbage! (Score -1, Offtopic) 205

Have you ever been chronically depressed to the point where you were contemplating suicide? I was once in that situation; I had a bad habit of beating my wife and two daughters with various objects, couldn't hold down a job, and was about to lose my house.

But I got better. I now have a high-paying job, a beautiful house, a stupendous car, and my family loves me dearly. How did I go from being a depressed loser to an all-around winner? I started using Gamemaker.

That's right. I returned to Gamemakerdom, and my life changed for the better! You should too.

Return, return, return, return, return to Gamemakerdom!

Comment: Re:Whoa, whoa! (Score -1, Offtopic) 110

by NeverSuchBefore (#39905073) Attached to: Swiss Solar Powered Catamaran Finishes 'Round the World Tour

After all this time...! I've been claiming to be a software programmer for years, and yet, unknown to me, that was completely false!

How can someone be a programmer if they don't even use Gamemaker!? It isn't possible, and you, my dear friend, helped me realize that.

Let's all return to Gamemakerdom: a world of innovation and peace where everyone uses Gamemaker.

Comment: Re:What lawful competitor? (Score 1) 648

by NeverSuchBefore (#39850923) Attached to: Hulu To Require Viewers To Have Cable Subscriptions

unless the penalties are sufficiently draconian and enforcement is sufficiently publicized so they hear about it on a weekly basis.

Additionally, there would have to be a high risk of getting caught, but there are ways around that, too...

But I think punishments are draconian enough. So are their 'solutions'.

Comment: Re:Gifting is insightful (Score 1) 110

I don't see any reason in supporting libertarianism for its own sake.

Neither do I. I want it to accomplish the good, too. That's why I'm anti-collective punishment, pro-freedom, and pro-privacy.

Because either:

Are there more options? But I guess, either way, it doesn't have anything to do with DRM or copyright.

No problem is so large it can't be fit in somewhere.