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Comment: MMOs take the main part (Score 3, Interesting) 669

by Neva (#46283537) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Games Are You Playing?

Tablet, stationary: Clash of Clans
Tablet, mobile: Ingress
With friends in Steam: Killing Floor (Linux), Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Alien Swarm
Solo in Steam: Star Conflict, War Thunder
Would play if had more time: Sid Meier's Civilization IV (Linux)

I have loads of Humble bundles bought, waiting to be discovered. They have been a great catalyst to release more games on Linux.

Game types are mostly co-operative FPS shooters with friends, tower defence with tablet, flying with planes or full 6 degrees freedom when solo. A mouse is a pretty essential controller in most games.

Comment: Re:Unfortunately, Nokia has no Steve Jobs (Score 1, Offtopic) 363

by Neva (#40670693) Attached to: It Costs $450 In Marketing To Make Someone Buy a $49 Nokia Lumia

Linux smartphones may have been abandoned by the Elop-led Nokia, but a new company called Jolla has hired the devteam and is working on releasing a Meego-phone this year (2012).


Comment: in Finland (Score 1) 229

by Neva (#28239183) Attached to: Where To Buy A Machine With Linux Pre-Installed

A list of mini-laptops with comparisons:

Availability was scarce in verkkokauppa:

Some sell Acer aspire one: http://hintaseuranta.fi/tuote.aspx/171402

Here's Asus:

Lenovo T61 is pricier:

MSI wind:

You can check driver availability to about any laptop, even if it doesn't have linux preinstalled:

My personal choice would be Asus Eee PC 901. Enough CPU and SSD-drives which are more tolerant to shaking and movement, in addition of being fast.
To play DVDs, an external drive would be needed:
http://www.verkkokauppa.com/popups/prodinfo.php?id=2585 ..commenting in the order that the device is supposed to work with Linux.

DVD-drive compatibility chart:


+ - How to make money using Open Source->

Submitted by linuxIsLife
linuxIsLife (1044762) writes "Every month SourceForge team sends newsletters to their members. The June newsletter contains the following : [...]You've probably noticed the beta launch of our new SourceForge.net Marketplace, a platform for buying and selling services for open source software. If you haven't, we encourage you to check it out and let us know what you think! Anybody can buy during the beta period, but the number of sellers is limited for now. If you'd like to become a seller in our beta program, be sure to add your name to the interest list at http://sourceforge.net/survey/ [...]"
Link to Original Source
The Courts

+ - Finnish court rules: CSS protection ineffective

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "In an unanimous decision released today, Helsinki District Court ruled that Content Scrambling System (CSS) used in DVD movies is "ineffective". The decision is the first in Europe to interpret new copyright law amendments that ban the circumvention of "effective technological measures". There is also a more detailed analysis (pdf) of the case."

+ - Hide secret messages in images on the internet

Submitted by
Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee writes "This program lets you hide arbitrary text messages inside image files. It is different than other stego tools in that it encodes the message by making visible changes to the image, rather than encoding the message in non-visible parts of an image file's data. In theory you can even print out the image and scan it back in to retrieve the secret message.


+ - Vista Download Disaster

Submitted by
SkinnyGuy writes "Downloading Windows Vista sounds like a great idea — until you actually do it. Looks like Microsoft hasn't thought out all the fine details. PC Magazine's own publisher gave it a shot and recounts his sorry tale to columnist Lance Ulanoff. Some other tales of woe appear in the associated forum."

+ - E-auction Company Uses Patent to Sue Nashville PD

Submitted by Synistar
Synistar (8654) writes "GovDeals, an Ebay-like government auction company, is using a patent that they were awarded on a "tiered method for auctioning government assets over a computerized network, such as the Internet"to sue the Nashville Police Department . Apparently GovDeals was rejected in their bid to become a contractor for the city government. They warned the city that they were in process of obtaining a patent and that the city would be in violation of it if they did not hire GovDeals. When they lost the bid and were awarded the patent they then turned around and sued the Police Department for violating it. So were patents intended as a means to wrangle government contracts and punish those who don't hire you?"

AMD's "Frantic Price Cuts" May Pressure Intel 135

Posted by kdawson
from the chips-falling-where-they-may dept.
kog777 writes in with news of a Needham analyst report alerting their clients to a possible price war between AMD and Intel. Analyst Y. Edwin Mok notes that AMD has cut its prices three times in three weeks. He says that Dell has been playing off the two chipmakers against one another to drive costs down. He suggests that bargain-hunting clients avoid both AMD and Intel stock for now. As an aside, Mok notes that so far Vista is not causing a spike in demand for chips. This story hasn't been picked up very widely; other coverage is at Seeking Alpha.
The Internet

+ - Jyte: The Numbers Agree With Me

Submitted by
devv_null writes "Jyte is a new social-networking site supporting the new OpenID framework that centers around users making claims about anything. Then users can vote on whether they agree with the claim or not, as well as make comments on the claim. Users may also give "cred", points that are awarded to a claimant based on whatever expertise he or she has demonstrated in posting the claim. The kinds of claims are all over the map, from programming language holy wars to assertions about vegetarians to the proper usage of the word "anal". In addition to serving as an unabashed push of OpenID, Jyte is especially noteworthy in that it encourages users to use critical thinking, has some use for collecting polling data and might even help you write your term paper."

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