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Comment Re:Is it really a big issue? (Score 1) 293

Actually people, overall, are pretty good at driving. Issues now a days arise from distractions. Far too many think holding their phones out at eye level while they drive is perfectly fine, even when you give them dirty looks or if your windows are down suggest that what they are doing is dangerous, they flip out, because they are so wrapped up in themselves, they are too stupid and inconsiderate to think of the dangers they put everyone in. They also are oblivious of the traffic issues they create. But when you think of the speeds on a modern highway, with people traveling a few feet from each other, there not being total pile-ups everywhere is a testament to peoples ability to drive.

Comment Re:Simple fix (Score 1) 279

Actual Chrysler is one if the easiest to send commands on. It's very year dependent across ALL brands. With all the FUD over someone taking control of your car, different CAN buses have been separated out. That goes for the imports listed too. So to say the imports are all easy and the domestics are not is indeed bullshit. I can almost bet the BMW he was talking about is at least pre 2002.

Comment Re:Treaty obligations (Score 1) 875

Lumber would fall under a raw materials heading, and wouldn't fall under the same rates as other manufactured goods. That's pretty much how it is now. Before the SLA that the US had with Canada, a 15% Tax Tariffs was common. Relatives have owned lumber mills in Michigan, and when NAFTA went through, it actually became too expensive for him to import logs from Canada. Before that it was his cheapest option. Before he shut down he was shipping from Washington state most of the time.

Comment Re:Simple fix (Score 1) 279

Just about every car on the market you can pull info from it's ODB port via laptop if you have the right software. Lots of Ford engines are Mazda engines. The Mustang used to be built on the same lines as a Mazda. Are you working on pre 2007 BMW? That's might be easier with the tools you have because it might not be ODB II and it might not be CAN compatible. If the ODB to USB cord doesn't support that, then that might be part of your issues. I have never seen one easier then another as long as you are using the right tool for the job.

Comment Re:Treaty obligations (Score 4, Interesting) 875

Who cares? Really, I can see why some think what he is saying is pretty out there, but I am always a little shocked when the media that loves to pine on about how many jobs are leaving the US take issue with someone's plan to bring back or keep jobs in the US, most certainly manufacturing jobs. As far as the treaties go, do you really think the countries we have those with are following them to a T? A lot of them don't even follow world treaties and then go on and on about how they are champions of the terms of those treaties then later we find out they have been bullshitting everyone all along.

Comment Re:But is the money worth it? (Score 1) 180

Some times you have to be a little underhanded to get the douche bags off your back. They all screw something up from time to time. I find that if you tell those in charge what happened or complaining to HR that person X keeps screwing things up, most times beyond 2 or 3 times it's amazing how quickly they change their tune.

The bonus of my position is that I get all the info on the maintenance scans on people's computers, and a lot of times people have things that show up. Sometimes it's just unwanted stuff, others it's straight up malware and sometimes even viruses (software we use requires local admin for users for it to function properly). Whether or not a big deal is made of it is up to the person themselves. If they are an asshole or been an asshole to me, a big deal gets made of it with words thrown in like "could have took down the network". That gets people walking on egg shells and gets them talking to me in the nicest of ways. Pull that one enough times and you'll find that the whole dance routine will not happen much anymore, pretty much only when there is a big problem.

You position is most likely different in nature than mine, but social engineering books go a long way in handling the day to day dick-erey of the work place. The Art of Human Hacking is a good start.

Comment Re:soo.... chip and pin.. (Score 0) 38

Always was just a farce. It is being pushed here because, I am certain, that the banks will push for what they got out of it in Europe. That the card holder is on the hook for the charges and to prove them fraudulent. So even if it was fraud, you have to pay on it till you can prove it is fraud. Matter of time before there is a push in the US for this same system.

Comment Re:It's wrong because... (Score 1) 294

Yes because record ice cover on the Great Lakes plus 120 year old record cold broken last year and the beginning of this year is "normal temperature"

You know what causes record ice cover? RECORD LOWS!! And BTW, so you are over 120 years old? And can post a message that contains a little HTML? Wow that's pretty impressive!

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