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Comment Re:Climate has never not been changing. (Score 1) 369

ITS MATH!!!! When a tolerance is bigger then the number claimed that means the number claimed has NO CHANCE of being even close to accurate. The tolerance given was enough that it could have also been the coldest year ever. NASA produced those numbers after the first announcement and barely any news source posted them, because frankly it would pour water on the flames of the claim. It's false advertising. Seriously, look up tolerances and how they work. Science is and always has been debatable otherwise we'd all think the world was still flat. Math has it's room for debates, but tolerances is not one of them.

Comment Re:Climate has never not been changing. (Score 1) 369

So tell me this, the claim last year was that is was the warmest year ever by .02 degrees Celsius. Nasa said that number had a 38% chance of being right and a accuracy tolerance of ± .1 degree Celsius. That's pretty simple math there. No need for Newton's laws or Einstein's theories. When a tolerance is higher then the number claimed, do you know the chances of that number being right? If you think it could lots of engineers and mathematicians the world over would like to have a chat with you.

BTW, science doesn't use the word "denier", but religion does. ;-)

Comment Re:You are confusing panic and fear for zealotry (Score 1) 369

Sooo the "97%" of the scientist number that falsely classified peer review studies to get that number, along with loaded questions, was them (or just John Cook) trying to "talk science" to get people to understand? Yes, I don't think you understand science. Maybe we should talk about the "2014 warmest year ever" claim to that NASA even said only had a 38% chance of being right and the .02 degrees Celsius higher yet the tolerance was ± .1 degree Celsius? Maybe we can all argue how math works to? But hey, I don't want to be mistaken for a drama queen because math is math and you can't argue it.

Comment Smith Mundt act (Score 1) 259

Soooo no one has mentioned the repeal of the Smith Mundt Act in 2013 as a reason this story was floated out there then quickly gone away when the masses called FUD on it???? Hey, but I'm sure it's just "bad reporting" or "inept people in charge", which seems to happen A LOT. And no way could the whole "PS4" story be native advertising floated across thousands of media outlets. I mean, someone would really relish that kind of PR if a story could be tossed to the ethos and media outlets snag it like a piece of velcro that mentions their product over and over and over again, hitting website and all sorts of social media. I mean "who" would do that????

Comment Re:Who believes this? Only everyone... (Score 0, Redundant) 249

Wow, add up the funding that these groups get. $39 million here, $45 million there. Third on the list seems to be sue happy with $800,000 per year for their executive director which is now a former head of Dupont. One charges for membership, 74 million a year for another. Others are award societies that hand out awards, so I'm not sure how or why they'd have an official stance on climate change. One represents €25 billion in funding in Europe alone. But I'm sure none would lie or support things just to keep the funds rolling

Comment Re:i haven't bought a car in a while... (Score 1) 252

All these things are issues that have been easily dealt with in the past and throwing a million dollars at a 5 dollar problem is just stupid no matter how "great" or "convenient" people think it would be. I see the robo cars like "The world of the future" clips from the 50's. Lots of money poured in to ideas that never came to fruition.

Comment Whole lotta bullshit involved. (Score 1) 367

Ok, the guy has what they consider a 80% lower, meaning that 80% of the lower receiver of the gun is already milled. You can buy these on the internet and not need a FFL to purchase one since it's not a completed lower (has no trigger area, no area for the clip to go in, and a couple different pins and mechanics holes that are needed) I can get one forged and partly machined for a lot cheaper plus less time consuming and I wouldn't have to finish the outside of it. I would need the jigs to machine it properly and I for one would not trust doing it with hand tools or the machine shown because I wouldn't trust the accuracy and would fear catastrophic failure. You can clearly see it only a 2 axis machine. It would take more then some battery power to machine a block of aluminum in that. You'd have to do at least 3 setups of the stock. That battery would die after the first half of machining. The guys in the video seem to think people are idiots and no one knows about machining

But let assume you have a lower. Fine, but you need all the rest of the parts that make up the gun. The upper that includes the barrel, the bolt, the charging handle, on and on which you are not machining or even consider making on your own. Then you have to put it together, which by it's own is not the easiest thing, but parts a lot of times need gunsmithing to get them to fit properly. So there are tools for both the assembly AND working on parts fitment. That only is going to scare off 90% or more of people in even trying to build one. Add the cost (80% lower that's decent about 90 buck, upper kit that decent at least 500 if luck to find, the jigs 100+ dollars, tools to put it together properly 100+ to 200, time to do it all and the equipment which the "ghost gunner cnc" doesn't even tell you a price, just $250 NRD to "reserve" a spot to get one) and you pretty much eliminate it down to a select few that would enjoy this as a hobby. Oh, and you can legally only make them for yourself. Can't sell them either unless you get a manufacturers license, and nobody with a rickety l

Comment Re: nice, now for the real fight (Score 0, Flamebait) 631

So how exactly was it not working? Seemed like it was all fine. Even those netflix notices were proven false. If anything this will slow everyone's speeds down for the minority extreme users out there. Anytime there is legislation wrapped up in the "it's for the consumer" mantra it ends up costing the consumer more for poorer service. Track records speak for themselves.

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