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Comment: Stupid senor and camera lights (Score 1) 579

by NetNed (#47367649) Attached to: Unintended Consequences For Traffic Safety Feature
Couldn't it also be the camera and senor light that usually accompany these? It my area they have put these everywhere and I would have to say they are a utter failure. For one they have increased traffic, making "catching the light" next to impossible on most roads. Second, they changed the cycle of the lights to where one direction has a green and the opposite will have a red with no indication to the motorist on the red light side, especially the ones pulling out of corner gas stations and stores, that on coming traffic has a green light. I see at least 3 near hits a week at one on my drive in to work each morning and considering how close it's to the intersection, I would say it would be considered a intersection incident. Third, timing these lights is next to impossible. One close to my house when they first put it in would stay red for the more busy street for over 3 minutes (Once timed it at 4 minutes and 10 seconds early in the morning). When it was messed up I would see 5 to 6 people a week get tired of waiting and blow the red. Heck I did it more then once. So coming to one of these light, you never know when it's going to change. When there was no sensor or cameras, then timing the lights that were on a set timer was a lot easier. Now? Next to impossible.

Comment: Re:Detroit calls Google arrogant? (Score 1) 236

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Who exactly didn't know this? It was common knowledge that Mazda was 4 cylinder building engines for Ford everywhere in Michigan. Heck they had a plant in Michigan that was a Mazda plant that built only Ford engines for a while. The Numi plant in California was a Toyota/GM(Pontiac) plant till Pontiac ceased to be and that was no secret. I don't recall any of that being "hidden" or misrepresented in any way. It's been out there for a while. If you as a consumer didn't pick up on it or missed it, then that's your deal. You also have it pretty wrong in regards to who "built" the cars. Components of the cars were done by other manufacturers, but final assembly was done by the actual maker of the cars unless you are talking about europe. In the state, even in the Numi plant, Toyota workers built the Toyota and Pontiac workers built the Pontiac.

I think, considering they have been making cars for a LONG time, automakers have all the reason in the world to blow off google. It would be like patient telling a Doctor what technique he should use for an operation.

Comment: Re:HUH? (Score 1) 215

Never been observed? The story says it's been observed for years. Didn't you RTFA? Also, the average ocean temp is about 1 degrees higher then it was in 1880, so I am going to have to doubt that a penguins sense of temp is so sensitive that it can pick up as much as a 1/2 a degree of temp change.

Comment: 20cm of stupidiy (Score 0) 174

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The measured rate of rise has been averaged out at 1.1 millimeters per year, so who in their right mind with the credentials to back it up would predict 20cm by 2100? Desperate people trying to keep the funding going and con people in to dumping billions on the study and "solution" to it. With all the money that has been spent on global warming/climate change with little to no results do they think the American public will keep pushing billions their way with no results? The whole thing reminds me of a gambler that has "a sure thing" bet on some team or something.

Comment: Re:Massive slant (Score 1) 142

by NetNed (#47180301) Attached to: Cable Companies Use Astroturfing To Fight Net Neutrality
At peak times netflix accounts for 30% of all traffic on the internet. It isn't like there is a magical bandwidth fairy that can up the capacity of a ISP's network the second it gets taxed. I think the whole idea of net neutrality and a more free, open internet are total opposites. And since when did the internet become a fundamental right of all US citizens?

Shockingly, with all the NSA issues that have abounded over the last year, why would anyone think getting the government involved would led to more open and free anything?

Comment: Massive slant (Score 0) 142

by NetNed (#47179245) Attached to: Cable Companies Use Astroturfing To Fight Net Neutrality
The reporter has a massive slant and I suspect a political agenda when he slams the DCI group as "infamous". Clearly he is a democrat that wants to demonize all things corporate and all things Republican.

I am surprised more do not see the whole "net neutrality" thing for what it really is. Content providers don't want to pay for the bandwidth they use to make money on. It would also, much like current "regulated" utilities create a monopoly were price would be controlled and competition would be none. That's way all these companies don't want this because they do not want to be locked out of markets where regulation would decide who the "main" providers are.

Comment: Thanks for the tip, but..... (Score 1) 409

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What exactly do I do "Chris" when I have 5 or 6 people pulling 2 and 3GB cad files down from the cloud and it cripples every person on the network? Had a company we do work for tell us that all work would have to be done through a cloud feature in the software we use, with all it being saved back to their servers. When we starting asking questions on bandwidth and testing, it broke down quickly to it being a bad idea from a "cad administrator" in the company.

Comment: Re:Fix according to Apple is (Score 0) 415

Because it's the typical "apple is evil and all that use them are lemmings!!!" meme that is propagated throughout the web. Never see many stories on how google sells your info in a heartbeat or how they let government agencies free reign to anything they wanted, but yeah, apple using your info for their own use and marketing is "evil!!!"

Comment: Re:Sponsor? (Score 2) 131

by NetNed (#46952635) Attached to: Tesla Logged $713 Million In Revenue In Q1 and Built 7,535 Cars
I also like how the 60 minutes fluff piece said he started Tesla because of a concern for what greenhouse gases from fossil fuel burning automobiles was doing to the ozone layer, then in the very next shot is a rocket from his company spewing smoke from propellant at a rate that pretty much wipes out any gains the cars will make for so, oh, about 1000+ years. Of course my vehicle doesn't release hydrogen chloride or chlorine directly in to the ozone. But yeahhhhhhhh that Elon Musk is AWSOME!!!

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