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NetFu's Journal: Yes, Virginia, Lotus Notes SUCKS.

Well, this is an interesting article.

After having used Lotus Notes, Sametime, and Skype in a corporate environment for years, I'm thinking how could anything not be better than the P.O.S. known as Lotus Notes/Domino/Sametime??? There are whole websites dedicated to the documentation in every detail of how bad Lotus Notes sucks:

Damien Katz: 70 Reasons Lotus Notes Sucks

Lotus Notes Sucks

Lotus Notes: Survival of the Unfittest

Hell, one guy even bothered to take the time to put a video on YouTube stating the fact:

"Lotus Notes Sucks!"

Of course, Google Apps is an alternative, but for a real corporate environment where the top execs are p-p-p-p-paranoid, there's a definite drive to keep systems like this exclusively in-house to completely control data in all corporate communications. Even though I really think Notes/Domino is a huge pile of crap, I can't say I am at all a fan of MS Outlook/Exchange given its many flaws and the fact that it won't even run on Linux/UNIX like Notes/Domino will.

So, I will be posting an objective comparison between Notes/Domino and Zimbra/Postfix soon since Zimbra/Postfix experience is actually in real demand these days while demand for Notes/Domino experience is literally non-existent. Stay tuned...
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Yes, Virginia, Lotus Notes SUCKS.

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