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Comment Re:Doesn't pass the bullshit test (Score 1) 369

How isn't it deceptive?

It's as bullshit as when they 'helped' the alkali metal reactions in Brainiac by adding explosives. For a review show to present what they expect to happen as fact, without bothering to test what actually happens is worthless and deceptive. Why have a test track at all, if you're just going to recite numbers out of a spreadsheet for your results?

Comment Re:Why not leave shuttle up there? (Score 1) 77

That's an even worse idea. You might be able to keep a shuttle up there if you just shut everything down and let the rest of the ISS take care of power and oxygen, but if you want to keep it capable of flying again there is no way it can stay up there for more than a couple weeks.

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