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+ - Cockroaches Evolving to Avoid Roach Motels->

sciencehabit writes: Only a few years after roach motels were introduced in the 1980s, they lost their allure for an increasing number of German cockroaches. Researchers soon realized that some roaches had developed an aversion to glucose—the sugary bait disguising the poison—and that the insects were passing that trait on to their young. Now, scientists have figured out how this behavior evolved.
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Comment: Re:Completely agree! Have been using Windows 8 als (Score 1) 862 862

Legacy apps still went into the Start menu. I'm certain of that.

As for some apps not going in there, it's possible that some legacy apps' installers tried to write directly to the .grp file instead of using the normal API. That'd probably cause problems.


+ - Reduced Turing Test Considered Harmless->

Wildplasser writes: "An attempt was made to create -and pass- the Reduced Turing Test: passing the moderators of the popular Dutch newspaper "de Telegraaf".
The attempt succeeded (only 190/700 reactions were refused), the moderators have not been able to successfully distinguish the bot's (nicknamed Hubert Both) reactions from the original-read-blooded-dutchmen's writings. The test ran for 3+ months.
(NOTE: the quality of writing there is considered low there, which may or may not be considered an additional difficulty)
Sorry, all the material is in Dutch."

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Comment: Re:Two plans changed (Score 1) 281 281

Thanks for linking to the plans; it allows all of the different options to be put in perspective. It also shows that if I lived in Canada, I'd get 125 GB for about what I'm paying here in New Zealand for 40 GB (although Rogers' overage charges are far more expensive). So, I'm afraid that I have very little pity when the Rogers rates are comparatively low.

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